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The cat sits outside our workroom in the morning until I open the door, today he ran inside then meowed at me because the sun isn't out :[ And smelled the ground where the sun usually is, like I'm supposed to put it back or something. I'M SORRY my poor stupid son, I don't control the weather

In other news I've sent so many difficult emails since Jan 1 that I'm no longer afraid to send them, haha. Immersion therapy!! it's real.

Responding to emails right away feels kind of great? I always thought the instareply thing was a bit embarrassing, but the general response is "thanks for the fast reply." And not dealing with the stress of a late reply is welllll worth it

Went to my mom's house today, mom taught my bf some Chinese words to use in PUBG (east, west, north, south, danger, help)

we later asked google for the last item on our list, "butt nugget"

How to make an anthology:

Step 1: have an idea
Step 2: send 5000 emails every other week
Step 3: ?? money ?
Step 4: book

the worst part is that I only have this much work because I brought it on myself, so I can't even complain πŸ™ƒ πŸ™ƒ πŸ™ƒ

I have so much work to do today and spent the entire morning answering emails that didn't actually count twoards any of the work I have to do πŸ™ƒ

We bought some beets for pickling today and the leaves looked so nice I had to find out if they were edible...

The good news: yes they are
The other good news: my noodles are purple now

Hiked 10 miles today!!!!!!!!!! scream (it was beautiful though)

Least fav manic pixie dream husband: Jack from Titanic. I hate how she gives him props for saving her life like 90 years after the fact. NO BITCH you did it, you got on the door, you thermoregulated, you blew the whistle, stop giving him all the credit

I also liked Sanctum a lot, it's a cave-diving survival movie... not a super great movie, probably because it doesn't follow some structural tropes that would have made it more gripping, but I liked that it was a little out-there. Also a woman gets sucked into a whirlpool cuz she was an idiot, which is always refreshing.

A lot of shitty movies like this on Netflix, but I love survival horror so I keep watching, haha. The best example of this genre is probably The Descent, cuz there's minimal pixie dream dudes to die off and confer strength, a more a focus on violently persistent female rock climbers

Least favorite survival horror trope: a woman with a bunch of guys who are killed, but she survives by killing or whatever and escapes. So boring. The crux of the drama rests on the assumption that she couldn't have done it until circumstances required, then after seeing her husband eaten by a bear or whatever she finds the inner strength to live, snore

In other news, new Patreon tut about going indie went up today:

And a new tumblr tut was added to the tut archive, which can find here:

...this is a tut toot

The true test of self-employment: can I go the post office and mail all these packages in jeans and pajama top without anyone staring

For films only, I should mention (books have a much different feel).

IDK If the aliens can talk and be understood then the plot can shift to literally anything (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc), vs if they can't then it's gotta be a story about understanding or not understanding differences or something (Arrival, District 9, etc).

Anyways all my aliens can talk so I guess I'm trash

Then was thinking of how much I like sci-fi, and how certain types are seen as "serious" and others as "cartoony"... I think if you have a talking alien, that drives it over the edge to cartoony. If the aliens don't talk or only speak an alien language, then it's a serious work of import or whatever. Agree or no?

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