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@NSure @vimoh actually part of that movie has already been made, dunno if you guys saw District 9. So many have thought of taking the story/legacy forward but none have had the courage so far. It's a beautiful movie if not seen.

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@AKanisetti @Nadika @sankarshan My best experience in life so far was the museum in Cape Town, South Africa. That was to put simply overwhelming. I didn't want to post too much because that was just beyond this world. But still I did put up some bits at -

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@KayKap @gemlog it actually all depends and also where you are coming from. For e.g. in free software groups which used e-mail as one of it's main discussion fora the convention is always to have all the interested parties in the to: if you want to separately send people the same stuff but other people not to know use BCC, so at least for me that convention and usage has stayed for me for two odd decades now.

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@Irrationalist @kushal @jamewils @ranjona @rupagulab @Atticus_finch kushal's tweet reminded me of although don't know when, what price-point, warranty etc. will it be launched in India. I had known it from before but had interaction with him last year at kerala debtusav

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I dunno what to say about myself. I have been a GNU/Linux user for about 15-20 odd years. Have had the pleasure to travel all over India for workshops and such. Have been on mastadon and the bluebird site since long although have started social media more so in the last 6 months or so.

interests are varied, I love learning and sharing about law, technology, environment, sci-fi, books, music, movies, the list is endless.

The difference between India and America. While here we can't have a discussion on pollution in Lok Sabha, while in States they have an oversight committe which is looking into banning something called polyfluoroalkyl substances and have an oversight comittee which is overseeing the whole thing - See the memo first -

think she's an actress but can't put a name to the face :(

Can anybody tell me who the celebrity is at 07:23 in the following video -

The new education policy is going forward to backward, two part series.

Nice video by Anuindyo Chakravarthy how pollution can be controlled and at the same time increase farmer's incomes . The solutions are there, but is the govt. listening ?

so see what stuff is half-configured and try installing them one by one. If it isn't installing straightaway, see if wget is working. If it's working, use your browser and download the package and use $ sudo dpkg -i $appname.deb . Something like perhaps $sudo dpkg -i kde-desktop -y and see what it says. It is possible that it may ask for some missing packages, download all of them from debian repo. and do a group install. 1/n

I dunno if people saw It was a pretty well-made documentary as far as I could tell :)

@noorul seems jonathan or high-voltage as he is called in debian/IRC already packaged it. It's now sitting in the NEW queue . See

seeing atm, will share what I think after having seen the movie :)

@Rounaknayak hairy putter, where is lord voldermart, not being seen any action between the two of you for quite some time ;)

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JNU Admin is lying about rolling back fee hike.
- 95% of fee hike incl user charges remain
- patriarchal dress code & curfew & scrapping of 24*7 library timings remain
- Partial roll back of room rent ONLY for students w/ families in BPL list, w/ income of below Rs 27000 per annum - just Rs 2250 per month! (So even min wage earners not counted poor)
- 40% JNU students' families earn less than Rs 144000 per annum - Rs 12000 per month, these wd not benefit from roll back! #JNUFeeHikeRemains

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Former Vice President Hamid Ansari presents the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament & Development to the Centre for Science & Environment for their decades long work in environmental protection & education. Director General of the Centre Smt Sunita Narain accepts the award


@noorul also did a bit of follow-up at both python-debian and python-modules-debian-team, probably one of them will take it up. It does seem a simple one to package but don't want the hassles of maintaining a package, especially right now.

I dunno if anybody saw this or not , would be interesting if people have strong opinions on energy. FWIW, I'm in the anti-nuclear camp, nuclear fusion is supposed to be the holy grail . See but still we don't know what the disadvantages would be, the only thing we know it is a complex project with many moving parts :(

if anybody knows a peertube instance or a way to use the to get the same herein, please share either of the ways, looking forward to know more.

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