12.9K new users on mastodon.social this week. Don’t know off-hand how the numbers for the fediverse at large look


@Gargron can you share a trajectory, graph on week basis if it's a huge spike or not so much ?

@Koshy @Gargron I am following it, if you look at my question, the graph there doesn't answer my question. Dunno if you have seen graphs as in moneycontrol.com stock stuff. There you can analyze whole lot more. I meant in that sense.

@Koshy @Gargron let me know if it isn't clear to you, will clarify my question more if needed.

@BadAtNames still doesn't answer, I'm looking for weekly comparison, say last week of october and first week of november, and perhaps a bit before that using the same methodology, just to know whether the spike is real or temporary or whatever.

@shirishag75 @BadAtNames The closest thing I know to what you ask would be fediverse.network although I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for

An example of weekly interval of active users on m.s would be https://fediverse.network/mastodon.social/stats?interval=weekly&period=14+days

@null0x0 @ilja @BadAtNames from what I saw @Gargron only shares the graphs, not raw numbers but if they did, it would definitely make for interesting reading and analysis for sure.

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