@inditoot When moderation becomes simply avoiding or removing what's illegal it's something cold and mechanical that could permit every kind of intolerance either masked as 'irony' or other forms.

There are things that could be wrong also if legal (racial discrimination was legal in USA in the '60 but that doesn't mean that it was a good thing).

'Cold and mechanical' moderation is something that can happen.only if you remove every ethics and values and that is exactly one of the main problems of large social media.

@Ca_Gi @inditoot@inditoot.com Why does inditoot.com even pretend to have these moderation policies inditoot.com/about/more Rule 2.d Xenophobic and/or violent nationalism when the users on that instance are openly advocating for killings of Muslims. Read this complete thread (Don't miss the swords and knifes): inditoot.com/web/statuses/1023

@Gargron @citrustwee if this persists we gotta blacklist inditoot.com

@Ca_Gi @inditoot@inditoot.com @Gargron @citrustwee inditoot.com has become the cesspool of rabid Hindu supremacists. Just take a look at the local timeline of that instance.

@rootkea Can I check their local timeline without joining inditoot.com?

@Koshy @rootkea yes, it's just a website, it's open. You can simply type it out on browser and see what it's all about.

@shirishag75 @Koshy That's incorrect. You can't browse the local timeline of inditoot.com without login in the instance.

@rootkea @Koshy I can, I'm not logged in but can browse profiles and stuff. /me preplexed.

@shirishag75 @Koshy Please send the link to the local timeline of inditoot.com


@rootkea @Koshy ahh..seems I'm able to explore people and their timelines or what they are talking about.

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