is updated with the bookmark feature developed by @Thib.

I can already see that the action bar now looks too crowded so the bookmark function will maybe move to the dropdown menu soon.

@Gargron @Thib As I said in [issue 10810][1], maybe the log out could move to the dropdown menu instead.


@melunaka @Gargron @Thib just to share something. I had to log out and back in to see bookmarks as a valid thing. It would be nice to also talk about that bit as well.


@melunaka @Gargron @Thib another interesting thing to watch out is would the bookmarks be also included in the archival process. That would be interesting if that can also be done. Maybe have all the bookmarks in csv format (unlike firfox which saves everything as bookmarks.html.

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@melunaka @Gargron @Thib the benefit would be it would be more easily compressed. Would be looking forward to see that if it becomes part this upcoming weekend.

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