Btw, if someone is good with fixing phones (hardware) that would be great.

If you were in touch with my other account @shiro : I dont have access to it anymore as my phone just broke. Will be using this for the rest of , if we were in touch via private messages please contact me here.

Hey , I want to build a group to make a proposal for a (better) alternative to the Code of Conduct. Everyone welcome, but I'd like the group to not be dominated by white males.

If you're into training materials or want to learn how to encrypt your communications you should have a look at these tutorials, they're amazing:

First series is on @torproject, more soon!

Sinon, si vous avez besoin d'un peu de bonne humeur ce soir, il y a ca (mention spéciale aux spaghetti sauce tomate aux platines <3)

encore mieux que des

Les gens qui arrivez sur Mastodon :
1) Bienvenue !
2) N'hésitez pas à faire un petit toot/Pouet de démarrage ou présentation, comme ça on vous repère et on vous fait faire le tour du propriétaire
3) Allez chercher des gens à suivre sur les comptes des gens que vous repérez / connaissez !
4) Ne paniquez pas, on comprend vite comment ça marche, et sinon on lit ça :
5) Et au fait, bienvenue ! ;)


It's a black day for internets: a bill draft was proposed by Russian government that bans usage of , , and other anonymizers. This happened only 10 days after a Tor exit node administrator was arrested. Being anonymous is now a crime in Russia...

The Mastodon "Remote follow" feature could be so easily used to phish the average Mastodon user into signing into a fake instance.

⚠️ Important security reminder: Always make sure the URL shows your "home instance" when logging in.

Why not reconcile partisans of *admin block lists* (where risks of abuse and/or disproportionality are huge) and those of *individual choice for block* with *instance-level warning-lists*?

Instance-wide, admin could choose that such ppl or instance be on it, and all users of instance will de facto see their content in a "NSFW" type warning..

"Warning: admin of this instance thinks this content is toxic/dangerous/etc.. Click if you want to see it anyways."?

#warninglist #MastoDev

c-base, your favorite crashed spacestation has joined mastodon! yay!

lets connect more hackerspaces!


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