BishopFox/GitGot: Semi-automated, feedback-driven tool to rapidly search through troves of public data on GitHub for sensitive secrets.

d4rk007/RedGhost: Linux post exploitation framework designed to assist red teams in persistence, reconnaissance, privilege escalation and leaving no trace. (Shell)

The Nansh0u Campaign: signed rootkit, exposed infrastructure and PE exploits in a massive MS-SQL & PHPMyAdmin attack campaign

"18 U.S. Code § 1956. Laundering of monetary instruments"


Seizure notice for DeepDotWeb - Available through their .onion link.


Definitely honeypot...


here you go, internet.
a host in the 'gov' section of aws with an open rootshell.


Little blast from the last : Carna Botnet Internet Census 2012 paper.

Port scanning /0 using insecure embedded devices

"How Mass Surveillance Works in Xinjiang - Reverse Engineering Police App Reveals Profiling and Monitoring Strategies"

That's one very complete and in-depth analysis. Great report. Curious to see the source code, if anyone knows where I can find it.

More bugbounty useful ressources !

streaak/keyhacks: KeyHacks shows ways in which particular API keys found on a Bug Bounty Program can be used, to check if they are valid.

"Remote Code Execution in Dell Support Assist"

Good analysis and solid write-up 👍

Tl;Dr : Database gives100% coverage, 0% false positive, fast results. But need ~52 GB.
A bloom filter with 100% coverage, a 0.1% false positive need ~945MB of memory.
Finally, 5% of the hashes results in a 47MB bloom filter that covers 61% of the data.

Pentesting Cheatsheets:
Convenient commands for your pentesting / red-teaming engagements, OSCP and CTFs.

ThePoShWolf: PowerShell module for converting Curl commands to PowerShell.

Nice little script to save. Will come useful in the future.

"Analysis of an IRC based Botnet"

Tl;Dr: Mirai variant used to perform TCP Flood attacks. Don't seem to have port 22 or 23 scans for propagation unlike Mirai yet.

H4ckForJob/dirmap: 个高级web目录扫描工具,功能将会强于DirBuster、Dirsearch、cansina、御剑。

Another nice web directory scanning tool written in Python3.

And btw Firefox mobile purposely don't hide the url bar on this given website when scrolling.

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