Been a while masto folks. Anything interesting happening lately here???

WHO Guidelines: If you have said something along the lines of "I'll go out with him/her only if pigs start to fly" before 2009 Swine Flu outbreak, you are now legally mandated to go on a date with that person.
Failure to do so is the reason new diseases are coming out.

Give me some cool anime suggestions, outside the general Naruto Bleach etc that runs for too many episodes.

Is it just me, or has media really toned down the madness ever since Trump left office?

Using the WhatsApp to Signal migration to DM all good looking people I know with a "oh nice you're resisting corporate fascism too, hi"

Anyone here wants to read Malazan: Book of the Fallen with me???

Note to self - rom com novella whose main story revolves around Twitter cancellation

Crazy how JSTOR hasn't banned Donald Trump yet. The next thing we know he will be straight up writing and publishing academic papers in order to increase his reach.

I feel especially bad for those set of Scandinavian people who are trying their earnest to revive the Old Norse religion of their ancestors. White nationalists, especially in the US, keep appropriating its cultural symbols and lore for their own bigotry.

Is the "John Anime, inventor of anime" originally from mastodon???

In the last few months I started with basic German lessons on Duolingo and reconnected with playing guitar. Hope to master the former, and the re-master the latter over this year.
Anyway, a very happy new year to you all!

Got my guitar repaired and serviced. Played. It felt really good.

Incredible to me that Richard Dawkins hates Muslims so much that he became a cultural Christian.

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