According to one of the reporters from anarchists were one of a leading force in today's protests in #Minsk #Belarus

UAE and Israel normalize relations followed by a handful of Gulf monarchies.
Trump is definitely going to use this for his re-election campaign.

Open book exam gives me a form of existential dread. Whenever I write an answer, all I can think of is that despite the world of internet and reading material available to me, THIS garbage is what I write?

Which is the best Age of Empires II civilization and why is it Goths?

One thing is for certain. Upon having seen the amount of additional home related burdens that this pandemic shone a light on, if there are still men who openly take "manly" pride in not contributing their part of domestic chores, they simply cannot be relied upon.

Malayalees are absolute kings for using Masto while the rest of the desis have fucked off back to Twitter

I am bloody 26 years old. Simple Plan's music should not be hitting me this bad but it does

Once the UK splits I think England must be forced to take custody of JK Rowling as punishment

Saving lives of injured victims & telling the truth is a crime if you are a Muslim!

But we are told that India is heaven for Muslims!

Currently stanning Hannah Reid of London Grammar. What a voice!

Post workout hunger hits real bad, even after you have dinner

Walking around Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone
Protesting against capitalism
Its a date

I kind of wish that I had chosen a different YA fantasy novel series in my childhood, now that JK Rowling has turned out to be so trans-phobic.
If there is a better fandom out there, I would be willing to go through their books, engage with their fandom, etc. as a mark of protest - that I am willing to undo my growing up years.

Okay so folks who watch NFL - I am looking forward to following it from the next season.
Suggest a team to follow. Or pitch me your favourite team with some articles and videos.

putting a list together of stuff that i should have learned in high school, but if it had been taught, any one of my high school history teachers would have been fired the next day just for teaching it, even if they only used government documents as source material:

-assassination of Fred Hampton
-1921 Tulsa massacre
-MOVE bombing
-FBI letter to MLK telling him to kill himself

This is from day before yesterday. Double rainbow showed up in the sky.
Happy Pride Month!

Mastodon comes alive when the people rise up against state oppression. From the Anti CAA NRC movement of India to Black Lives Matter's new campaign in the wake of George Floyd's murder.
May dissent live forever.

I dislike Modi because I believe in secularism. I hate Yogi because I am a human being.

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