My anxiety had been through the roof last night, pulse was racing crazy

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I just weathered a storm on the bird hellsite yesterday. A harasser (of the non sexual kind) had been onto me for the last 3 months.
Heaving a sigh of relief today.

Had been in an NFL dilemma, but whoever sends me an NFL jersey, I will support that team.

as an afab brony fishman who is a minor with adhd,

My Mastodon page is going to be where mostly I rant about working on my novel. I don't have any other avenues.

yeah babe i am a big fan of phoebe bridgers. or phoebe waller-bridge. whichever

If I get published as a novelist I will visit my Mastodon friends where they live and give them a hug

Waqt ke behte jharne ne yaadon ki chattaanon ko bhi ghis diya
Shivam, tu khud soch, tu aur kitna doobna chaahega isi kambhakht paani mai.

Okay why should I hide it.
I'm working on a novel. Wish me luck.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down. All of them are flocking to Birdsite. Its utter chaos! They're posting memes from 2015

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