@neeti Yet to check out the trailer, but I think I'll have to read the novels now

Americans - if you wonder what a second term by Trump will be like, take a look at India. Trump will be bolder, will enact worse divisive measures that target minorities, women and poor.

Welcome to my Harry Potter themed DNC leadership camp for podcaster dads.

Just finished Avatar The Last Airbender. I did not expect myself to get emotional over it, but here I am.

@Priloza Its to make sure your personal growth doesn't occur in a way that people could retain some control over you.

Speaking of NEET, India's medical examination is also called NEET because it is so toughly contested that most of the students preparing for it end up living the NEET experience for a year or two.

It's weird how Dante made that entire circle of hell where people who refused to eat Dante's ass were sent.

According to one of the reporters from @Belsat_TV@twitter.com anarchists were one of a leading force in today's protests in #Minsk #Belarus

UAE and Israel normalize relations followed by a handful of Gulf monarchies.
Trump is definitely going to use this for his re-election campaign.

Open book exam gives me a form of existential dread. Whenever I write an answer, all I can think of is that despite the world of internet and reading material available to me, THIS garbage is what I write?

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