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I'm getting to know that Anonymous has joined the struggle against Minneapolis state police and has openly decided to come against Trump.
Kinda cool, if you ask me.

In solidarity with the Minneapolis protestors. Black Lives Matter!

that indian guy saying he didnt care if his restaurant burned down because you can rebuild it but you cant rebuild a human life is king shit

The lockdown has been challenging for my family, but I am happy to announce that Dad is hme now, safe and sound.

Now that Lana Del Rey is cancelled, I am hereby hyping up Maisie Peters

Kinda liked Lana Del Rey. Heard she got cancelled today.

Going to make my first big purchase with what I've earnwd. Buying an Honor Pad tablet for reading!

Good morning to everyone, and an especially great morning to the extremely cool LGBTQ+ community from the Fediverse

Finished my second assignment (out of three) today. Just one more to go.
When I get done, I am going to relax by reading lighter stuff - probably some YA fantasy stuff I am too old for. I just wanna relax

Fellas what is the best spell-checking plugin for LibreOffice Write?

Grooving so hard to Them Crooked Vultures right now. They should have made more music.

Sometimes I wish I was in the simpler phase of my life when I was younger.
Harry Potter analogies were everything you needed to explain developments across the world.

Respect by Aretha Franklin SLAPS harder than most songs these days

today we celebrate the resurrection of karl marx

Cursed opinion but desi guys should not be using the word Karen in any context, given that they've flooded the DMs of women across the world, especially white, with horny messages year after year.

Clever of USA to name drop UFOs while they're still trying to hide their embarrassment about their abysmal coronavirus performance.

My weirdest superstition about being in coronavirus lockdown is that while we're stuck inside, time will feel paused.
When the lockdown will end, we will have aged years in the last few months.

When I become professor, perhaps I'm going to secretly fund various feminist activists across different colleges and pretend I am totally unaware about campus politics.

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