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Wassup Fedi fam,
I am working on a long-term creative project alongside my PhD. Please remind me to keep at it time to time.

Don't want to boast softboi points but I tried to translate an anime song into Hindi and teared up cause the lyrics started to hit me

Feeling so fucking pissed at the Government of India for the 19238124th time since 2014

Started little bits of work on what I hope will be a full length novel.

Wish me luck people. Guest recording with a friend's podcast tomorrow.

“don’t dismiss someone because of the erotic content they consume” is a suspiciously neutral phrasing like i assume you’re into some sick shit RIGHT away when i read this

Some techbros unironically share videos about how to be an alpha or a sigma male but laugh at people who study gender theory.
Bro you are also doing gender theory.

Whatever happened to gamers as a political class? They were supposed to rise up

Nirvana is cancelled?
Sorry, Gen Z kid on TikTok. Only the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshwar can cancel nirvana

NFTs are the Deleuze and Guattari of the tech world. I refuse to elaborate further why.

Just made a mashup between a Taylor Swift and a Punjabi song last night. Feels nice.

Had sex today. My partner's cat was staring the entire time, and meowing in her disapproval.

Thinking of starting a YouTube channel where I cover Taylor Swift songs, might get some diversity quota watchers

"Of course I watch offbeat cinema - there's this director no one has heard of called Wes Anderson"

Note to self - not to strum the guitar too hard.
(Just broke the B string of all the possible ones)

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