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shivana but make it fashion

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Hello! This is the casual Mastodon account of comic artist and illustrator Shivana Sookdeo. If you're looking for my ART ONLY account, follow me here: @shivana 🎨

You can find my work and support me at the following places:
⭐️ Web:
⭐️ Patreon:
⭐️ Gumroad:
⭐️ Threadless:

Repped by Jen Linnan of Linnan Literary Management. First GN slated for debut in 2019!

@itsnero wait wait gumroad is ok for adult shit now????

i hate that these giant credit report companies have made it impossible without my asking to recover from a ding like this without any ease, WHO THE FUCK ASKED THEM to do this

fingers crossed that the recent theft of my credit like RIGHT BEFORE I MOVED doesn't fuck up my ability to get an apartment because i finally FINALLY have the money

ha ha when am i gonna get heckin laid in this town lads

i hope you all sell the shit out of your goodies <3

i don't really have tcaf fomo but not bc i don't wanna be there, more like i am just SO EXHAUSTED from settling in here that the idea of doing anything tires me

sorry not sorry i need a void to scream into

comics accounts started following me here so i llllllocked it down

my bank account is at four digits for the first time in forever and i am feeling two things:
1. terror that it won't last and refusal to buy anything i need
2. wanting to buy everything because i have money for once

hahahaha i am so tired i shouldn't have done that morning meeting

im gonna feel like shit until i get to start work and then i'm gonna feel like shit because i won't be perfect right outta the gate

oh god thank u reed for looking in my storage shit for me and THANK YOU PAST ME FOR ACTUALLY KEEPING W2s FROM 2003

I'VE MOVED SO MANY TIMES it's hard to keep all that shit and i don't know how far back my tax paperwork goesssss i hate thiiiiis

the background check contractors are asking me for 10 year old w2's/paystubs so i'm scrambling to find shit and it's STRESSING ME OUT

they're starting me off on 45k which is competitive but also is more money than i have ever been paid in my ENTIRE LIFE

i just wanna brag a leedol I SO RARELY GET TO