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shivana but make it fashion @shivana

Hello! This is the casual Mastodon account of comic artist and illustrator Shivana Sookdeo. If you're looking for my ART ONLY account, follow me here: @shivana 🎨

You can find my work and support me at the following places:
⭐️ Web:
⭐️ Patreon:
⭐️ Gumroad:
⭐️ Threadless:

Repped by Jen Linnan of Linnan Literary Management. First GN slated for debut in 2019!

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@oliveoilcorp i just have both instances up in separate tabs and i'm feeling pretty good about it heyoooo

@shivana @oliveoilcorp this seems like a really good idea – I wasn't sure about the multiple instances thing at first bc I'm Easily Overwhelmed lol, but does it feel to y'all like a good separation & reasonably navigable?

@ashantifortson @oliveoilcorp i honestly enjoy the separation? it prevents me from feeling i HAVE to use a casual account as a professional account. it was too late for me to do that on twitter

@oliveoilcorp @ashantifortson so far having them in separate browser tags is manageable for me! ymmv? i'm still evolving how i use this platform since it's such early days

@shivana nodnod! I def want this as a casual account that's like a chill, less-constricted private twitter, so I think I'll give it a shot. ty for the insight!!