i hate that these giant credit report companies have made it impossible without my asking to recover from a ding like this without any ease, WHO THE FUCK ASKED THEM to do this

fingers crossed that the recent theft of my credit like RIGHT BEFORE I MOVED doesn't fuck up my ability to get an apartment because i finally FINALLY have the money

ha ha when am i gonna get heckin laid in this town lads

@shingworks i always want to see a rando harmless fish just leap out of the water and hit him in the face so he's like NO, SUNFISH ARE KILLERS??????

i don't really have tcaf fomo but not bc i don't wanna be there, more like i am just SO EXHAUSTED from settling in here that the idea of doing anything tires me

@fish the trend is still fairly young too so if you ever feel like 'oh i might miss the wave of interest' i really doubt you will!

@fish yo i already bragged about u to my GN team and lemme tell ya: animals are way in

comics accounts started following me here so i llllllocked it down

my bank account is at four digits for the first time in forever and i am feeling two things:
1. terror that it won't last and refusal to buy anything i need
2. wanting to buy everything because i have money for once

hahahaha i am so tired i shouldn't have done that morning meeting

im gonna feel like shit until i get to start work and then i'm gonna feel like shit because i won't be perfect right outta the gate

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