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shivana but make it fashion

bellyaching, sorta ideation Show more

bellyaching, sorta ideation Show more

i am making soup for everyone's dinner today and it's fine but i am also really tired

okcupid roast Show more

i never ever expect it or ask for it, i only go when i'm too tired to cook and i can pay?? but i'm a regular and it's so flattering to know it counts

a good thing: my fave local regular spot was happy to see me and comped my breakfast so yay free meal

anyways sorry i shoulda tagged that i guess

maybe we can like. stop shooting black women first, that might be a good first step

look. LOOK. we have done this Non Politician For Prez thing TWICE. T W I C E now. and both times our country has been tanked.

god even the news is getting in on this OPRAH FOR PRESIDENT fanfic shit

dear internet people pls stop just retweeting my thingies and buy them you heathens

henlo masto i am on ๐Ÿ…ฑ๏ธ aycation and i wish i had enough money to stay on it forever

period Show more

and i only noticed when i went to stand up this morning and it sounded like applause at a poetry night

the airbed i am sleeping on is real comf and won't deflate for shit but somehow it's WRECKING MY BACK

oh god it's so nice to be in a house where i get to hear nintendo music instead of fucking moby pandora station