We saw the executive getting away with its actions unquestioned on several instances.

The SC's acts (and omissions) seemed to be in sync with the agenda of the State. This left the scheme of separation of powers and mutual checks and balances severely disturbed.

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1. Okay, here is a brief thread on Chile. As you know, there have been widespread protests in recent days, driven primarily by economic inequality (Chile is one of the most unequal countries in the world). Counter-intuitively, at the root of this inequality is the Chilean Constitution. The Constitution was drafted in 1980, as part of a transition from military to civil rule.

In any case we can conclude that there are certain information which are inherently private and are presumptively protected under the privacy rights. These information include age, gender, sex, sexual preferences etc.

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What timing to bring office of CJI under -- the act itself is being throttled lol. Would be interesting to see how much easier it gets to access information now.

RTI requests to be decided by CPIOs in accordance with doctrine of proportionality re right to privacy.

Details of judges' assets cannot be said to be personal information that cannot be disclosed.

Appeal discussed, decision of Delhi HC upheld. @TheQuint@twitter.com

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Majority judgment holds that CJI’s office comes under the definition of “public authority” under Section 2(h) the RTI Act. Interestingly, this Bench comprises of 3 future CJIs.
What a great decision !

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Totally expecting Supreme Court to come up with some sham reasoning and keep office of CJI clear of falling under RTI. Judgment coming in a few minutes.

This inherent tribalism (is social media parochialism) is inherently toxic by nature. It ended up justifying all sorts of toxicity that we eventually witnessed on #birdsite. But we never thought to introspect. Instead, we brought the same habits here. The same privileges and the same inequalities.

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Umar Khalid: Govt of India wants all to respect the recent Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya.

I ask the Govt when is it going to respect SC's July 2018 verdict asking the govt to enact a law against MOB LYNCHING?

RETWEET if you want the govt to bring a law against lynching, as per SC order.


I have added Hindi, Marathi and Kannada to our translation portal:


4. If you'd prefer to listen to a podcast on the history of the case and what the 3 main parties
- Sunni Waqf Board, Nirmohi Akhara & Ram Lalla -
have argued to stake their claim, check out our 2-part #AYODHYAVERDICT special @TheQuint@twitter.com here:

Now reading that part of the Aadhaar judgment where the Majority says that the petitioners haven't even tried to show an alternative to Aadhaar, in the knowledge that the concurring judgment will go on to say (a few hundred pages later) that "the petitioners argued that smart cards are an alternative to Aadhaar."

Zafaryab Jilani, Convenor, Legal Committee, AIMPLB; along with Advocates Shakeel sb, Shamshad sb, office bearers & executive members of @AIMPLB_Official will address the media after the Supreme Court judgment in the case

The presser will be at 34, Ashoka Road, New Delhi

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under the fascist regime of bjp-
1. Students have no right to dissent 2.students will be treated like criminals

CISF to Be Deployed Permanently in WB's Visva-Bharati University thewire.in/education/visva-bha

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That man who was accused of Bhima Koregaon violence is the BJP-Sena’s interlocutor? 🙄 twitter.com/vishwas_01/status/

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So I just get to write stuff on here and no one abuses my entire family as a result of which the platform suspends MY account? What sorcery is this.

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