the rumors are true! Kings of Sorts has joined the SpiderForest webcomic collective, isn't that fun
#kingsofsorts #MastoArt

US trying to pick up a fight with China over false pretenses of "democracy" or something just to avoid looking inwards and keep people busy is top tier worldbuilding

Atacada por um sistema de rega automática de milho (aspersão)

“User Interface”? You mean clicking randomly on the ⁝ and ☰ and ⚙️ buttons trying to figure out what's in each one?

Quando eu misturo português e inglês na mesma frase eu espero que vocês saibam que é para ler tudo com sotaque português

O único sítio onde o calor não é tão insuportável é no meio do milho, i cracked the code

Para que servem os carros senão para andar numa estrada nacional no meio do mato ao pôr-do-sol?

Well ain't that great. Another pigmentation incoherence on my face

Honestly, big shout out to all the old widows in my area who are free to be out at whatever time they want because they don't have to make dinner at a specific time

I am the most uninteresting, unimpressive person you'll meet and yet I can talk for hours

Touched the most disgusting thing (a potato that turned into goo as my fingers sank on it)

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