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@pixiv Hey! I hope you realize this is not personal. In the west, loli content is not acceptable in most places. Do you intend to moderate it in the future, or will you keep allowing it on your instance?

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Too many people join, and now its local timeline is about 20 minutes delayed.

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ah...the problem is, I think, when legal restriction is forced on this kind of service, which county's law should be applied.

When a few users reply to me, it takes long time to read all of their replies. I'm not used to reading and writing English so fast...

"be" is lacking in the last sentence in my latest toot. (I'm not good at English.)

I think countermeasure against identity fraud on well-known person will be needed for Mastodon to be common. Creating their own instance or an instance that only authenticated people can join would good solution. 

Twitterの公式マークみたいななりすまし対策をどうするかは今後の課題だなぁ 有名人は個人インスタンスを立てたり,あるいは本人確認しないと登録できないインスタンスとかがあるとよいのかな?

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I added sushi icon at the end of my name to show where I live.

A Japanese main instance,, resumed today.

When earthquake occurs in Japan, the first thing Japanese users do is to tweet.
Now you can see the Japanese toots about the earthquake.

Once I created an account on .social, i'm reluctant to move to another instance even though i understand to move proper instance is the better choice.

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When you try to understand toots written in Japanese, you sometimes can't get correct translation. Don't worry. Some of the Japanese toots do not make sense to even me.

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One of the smallest country in a world is going to conquer this internet 😬

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