When you try to understand toots written in Japanese, you sometimes can't get correct translation. Don't worry. Some of the Japanese toots do not make sense to even me.

@shizuku Why? Really random rambling or talking about stuff that only a few people can understand?

@Ronflaix well...its a kind of a joke. Japanese twitter users often post meaningless tweets , and they do the same thing here. Or, they use terms which are peculiar to the Internet users.
For example, "パオる" (pronounced "paoru") is the verb that means "to toot". This word is originally used a roar of an elephant.
Therefore, some of Japanese, especially those who are not familiar with the Internet culture, can't understand what they mean.

Sorry for my bad English.

@shizuku I was wondering about パオル earlier, interesting!

And as most will say, there is no need to apologize for your English, it's very good.


@eal thanks. I have few chances to speak English, so I'm not confident about my English.

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