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I forgot to do an post, did I? I'm Shizu, she/her, gamer, otaku and a Twitch affiliate streamer. I do a bit of graphics, a bit of art, a bit of writing... basically a Jane of many tricks, master of none.

Here I want to do the things that I kept myself from doing on Twitter, and sharing my thoughts is one of that.

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"But be warned: Gigantamax Pikachu appears to be available to players only if they have “play records from Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!” on their Nintendo Switch." NOOOOOOOOO.... I... I need a copy of Let's Go Pikachu now 😭

That feel when I have a minor panic when I realize that tonight is raid night and I haven't done any practice or gear improvements since last raid. Also that feel when I'm seriously contemplating finding and forming a community just so I can escape raiding.... This... is a problem.

A couple of good meals and the company of family really really helped. Got some good loots, listened to VK perform in person, enjoyed myself a lot despite the aches and lower energy. The day went unexpectedly well. In fact it was great!

I finished 'Work Assignment B' after 3 hours of work and some breaks. It is now 2:40 am. Tomorrow is going to be hell.

Today I should have been working on this 'Work Assignment A' which has a deadline on Sunday but my focus was completely consumed by 'Work Assignment B' which is helpful in for next but no immediately deadline. Thanks brain. Now my mood is so bad and the day is so late and tomorrow is looking to be a full and eventful day.

I'm not going to be fine.

This stupid Microsoft Word multi-level list not appearing in its 'lists in current document' is driving me up the wall. I'm using this list right now, what do you mean it's not in the document?!

Odd mood persisted, although I'm more tired and cranky about the PMS aches. One of the reason why I'm feeling out of sorts is plans for going to an event tomorrow aren't very fixed and in my current state, the flexibility is a curse instead of a gift. Do I want to go earlier? I might get tired out much earlier than wanted though. Do I want to meet friends? What if I don't have the energy for them. Decisions decisions decisions decisions

On a side note, did some stuff in FFXIV that reminds me of why I love this game. I just don't love being stressed about raiding and needing to choose which game I gotta focus on for this period of time.

Odd mood. Probably caused by PMS and being tired out. And stress. Work stress and stress of needing to practice more for FFXIV savage raid. And not enough sleep. Need more veggies too, probably, partner's household has a pretty meat heavy diet, very different from what I was used to. Should have drank more water. Feels unproductive and yet knows that I did manage to do a lot this week, at the same time. Odd mood.

Saw a tweet thread that got me thinking. It was somebody's opinion about another person, but I felt it was a criticism based off a narrow viewpoint. I also felt that such views are probably better kept in a more private social setting but this is the internet isn't it? Unless it's a highly politically incorrect view, all opinions are allowed to be aired in public, even if others get offended right? And if one takes offense with the opinion, what is the best way to deal with their feelings?

By 'feeling a little less crumpled', I meant 'feeling a little less like a crumpled piece of paper'... like feeling tired out and useless??

Was feeling stressed out and probably not a small amount of sulky about my FFXIV experience becoming stressful and require so much more effort that logging into the game felt like a huge stressful chore... and that just makes my brain tag it with 'negative motivation, do not touch'.

I stopped to watch a couple of cat videos then dug in to do some studying/researching (for FFXIV, not cat vids) and found quite a bit of resource for helping me improve my class. Feeling a little less crumpled now.

Switching back from Chrome to Firefox feels a little like coming home, except it's a little more tedious to make changes to the appearances. But it's much more smoother and faster than it used to be.

Just realized why I always felt like something's missing when I write stuff collaboratively on Google Doc.

I used Etherpad years ago, and got used to its real-time highlighting and awesome Time slider. Etherpad doesn't have a lot of formatting and features but somehow that makes it easier to just focus on writing?

Although most of the apps for collaboration now are pretty robust, these two features are what I missed the most.

Mind is a bit messy but it's less of mental struggles and more of too many tasks and possibilities that I'm trying to sort out and do.

Had a great dinner today and watched the movie, Weathering with You. It's pretty enjoyable, beautiful art and awesome Radwimps music, and there are some downright gorgeous moments. Story is a little less satisfying as Kimi no Na Wa though.

Is it stress or something but I'm not doing so well mentally today...

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To all GNU project members past and present. I want to hear from you. Please email me.

Breaks, as in get up from desk after 30 mins to rest the eyes and drink some water.

I've forgotten that getting used to new spectacles can also be tiring... And I've scheduled some work time for tomorrow. I really need to learn to take breaks or I'm not going to last.

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