Ah, it clicked.

The reason why I can't seem to go and do some exercise is because I view it as a chore. It's something I should do, I have to do, I need to do for the sake of ___... but it's not something I want to do.

And my brain, being the way it is, goes 'so she doesn't really want to do it and let's not schedule it then, got it'.


In addition, I've absorbed the idea that exercise is about persistence, about continuing to do it regularly... but every month, during the week of my period (and a bit before), I can't push myself to exercise when my body already feels awful.

Then I feel bad about stopping and just can't continue. It's a stupid vicious cycle and it keeps happening.

And what's more, I've always been told that I should try exercising to help lessen my period discomfort and pain... which I don't think I fully believe?

Like part of my brain is pretty sure that in my teenage years, I was kinda physically active, but my menstrual cramps were some of the worse (might have been the soft/cold drinks' fault too).

All in all, I'm very bitter towards exercise and not very inclined to do it....

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