A bit of processing for yesterday's special celebration stream so I can get it out of my head and focus.

Stream itself went well, no huge technical issues but I forgot to prepare some layout elements for the celebration, but added them mid-stream.

Makeup was applied without much trouble and didn't fall apart mid-stream at all, costume much the same. I have forgotten how itchy wearing a wig could make me though, funny thing.

The planning was a mess. I gave myself a lot of stress and didn't manage to confirm the schedule until a couple days before the stream.

I could have done better to spread the word ahead of time too, which I did think about but didn't end up doing. Now I keep wondering if that's why there aren't as much people as I would have liked to see.

I had some expectations, was hoping that maybe more of the regulars could drop by at around the same time, and we could play Choice Chamber together. But... while I did get people to play CC with me, it was still disappointing when compared to what I had in mind (maybe 4? or a bit more?).

I tried hard to keep up my energy for the whole of the stream. I was really hoping to see more friends drop by and surprise me... but I guess 'marketing' is important afterall.

But at the end of the day, the few that usually pop by did pop in and we had fun! I tried some new things I haven't tried before, hadn't dared to without a push, and this was definitely a push.

Moving forward, I can see how things can be improved, have sort of re-ascertained my goals, and where to work on for my self-management.


In conclusion, it was a good stream. Could definitely be better, but for my first special stream, I had fun, viewers who dropped by had fun too and regulars got to see me in cosplay and makeup, which I usually don't have the time and energy to do.

Next time I'll do better. Next time we'll have more people to play Choice Chamber with.

PS. It was mid-autumn festival yesterday, and I didn't know it when I picked the date, which I picked because it would be easy to remember. Full moon on a Friday the Thirteenth too? That is some luck I have. 😂

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