Perhaps the most relevant and important bit will come up next year - The FSB plans to hold
a workshop in the first half of 2020 to explore further the topic of resolution planning for state owned banks and cooperatives.

Things India has not implemented specifically- powers to establish a
temporary bridge institution, power to impose temporary stay on early
termination rights, existence of privately financed policyholder
protection schemes or resolution funds - Annex 3,

The Key Attributes Assessment Methodology for the Insurance Sector (Insurance KAAM) will
be used by IMF assessment teams as part of Financial Sector Assessment Programs (FSAPs)
to assess jurisdictions’ insurance regimes.

For those interested, the FSB will finalise the Insurance KAAM in late 2019 and plans to publish a final version in 2020.

2. Over the past year, two jurisdictions (Netherlands
and Singapore) introduced or strengthened powers to resolve insurers. -

Was just going through some recent documents/publication by the FSB. Notable things
1. India and Argentina are the only two countries which do not have a framework for resolution planning or resolvability assessments or any plans to introduce such a framework. -

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By the 2030s, Earth will have warmed ~2°C in the space of just 250 years. It would appear that there is no record of ecosystems or species in the geologic past surviving this rate of change.

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All India Muslim Personal Law Board to file a review petition against the verdict in the Ayodhya land dispute case


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Porn, public transport and other dubious justifications for using facial recognition software

Governments in Australia have come up with some creative reasons to sell the public on the use of facial recognition technology
It started with passports. Then it was your phone. Now governments in Australia want you to use facial verification to access government services, take public transport and even for your private viewing.
Last month the joint standing committee on intelligence and security told the government it needed to rethink its plans for a national facial verification database built off people’s passport and driver’s licence photos. It said there weren’t strong enough safeguards for citizens’ privacy and security built into the legislation.

Anyone from here who knows intricacies of the sale scheduled for March next year?

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10. But if they get past that, then things will get really interesting and exciting. An opportunity for a fresh start, and a new Constitution - written in the economic and social climate of 2020 - will be fascinating to watch.

- fin -

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2. The only problem: the drafting of the Constitution was entirely under the control of the dictator Augusto Pinochet, who had come to power in 1973 in a violent, US-supported military coup, overthrowing the elected socialist President, Salvador Allende. Among other things, Pinochet was advised by economists from the University of Chicago ("the Chicago Boys"), and implemented extreme neoliberal policies.

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Wrote something after ages for a newspaper, on why we should resist reifying AI governance and pushing blame on algorithms w r t human decisions, in the light of the birdsite going after @sanjayuvacha and @ladkidyutiful.
I get nervous with non academic writing, as I don't want to dilute the argument but still want to make it as accessible and as non jargony as possible. Do have a read.

Apologies, Vaidyanathan committee report, 2004

Important to remember that governance reforms were first recommended in the 2008 Rangarajan report. No public document exists which compares the progress on the recommendations made in the report since then.

More importantly, the problem is not limited to multi-state banks.

Have started updating the blog - read the history of mergers, and the history of deposit insurance and the key takeaways for India here.

Since then, I have run half marathons every year, not counting countless other races, taken part in a triathlon last year, and yet the most consistent comment i get is about my weight gain. Every wedding-function-social event. You get compliments for losing weight, not getting fitter. Athletes are under tremendous pressure and perhaps the running community is the worst affected, but really this is everywhere. And we have normalised this with our everyday vocabulary and even worse, our euphemisms

In 2014, I was at my thinnest, and arguably my "fittest". I ate almost no carbs, exercised twice a day, and did a long distance run every alternate day. I never went out with family or friends, and just learnt to say no to any food offered to me. Everyone was impressed and continue to tell me how good I looked then. I was at my most anxious, angry, deprived self then. No one asked me a thing about my mental health.

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appeared in court today and his bail plea was adjourned again. Sudha baradwaj, gautam navlakha etc are languishing in jail. A police state would look liberal in comparison. Something's gotta give...

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