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I really wanted to move to California… just to vote against Cenk Uygur.

BREAKING: Harris County now coming in. Sanders lead instantly drops to 4/10s of
1 point in Texas.

Because of IA & NH, Bernie will probably come out with a small lead in delegates, but a massive loss in momentum, with no more Calis out there. Then next week, Biden will crush him in all these states and it’s all over except the pundit mea culpas.

“Where’s the f-ing plane?”


Frst CA-25 numbers in Ventura County!

Christy Smith (D) - 34%
Mike Garcia (R) - 35%
Steve Knight (R) - 18%
Cenk Uygur (D) - 4%


As expected, Bernie taking California, but look closely. Had Bloomberg left the race, ALL those votes would have gone to Biden. Not a good night for Saint Bernard.

This biggest bucket of votes in TX is Harris County, and it was going heavily for Biden in early vote, only 1% reporting due to technical difficulties. If it comes in as expected, Biden will win Texas.

Only 1% of Harris county is reporting, but Biden isn’t leading by enough. If these numbers hold, Bernie will squeak out a very close win in Texas.

I think I have more delegates than Utah does. Bernie gets what, 3 or 4 there?




They must be calling his family.

RT I heard Cenk was polling at 6% in his own race. lol


Bernie is leading by only a pubic hair in Maine. 1/10 of 1%. That’s a neighbor state that was expected to be kinder to Saint Bernard.

Bernie still has a 4.5% lead in Texas (with 9.5% reporting), but that’s been mostly early voting which favored Bernie. But the Same Day voting has been coming in hot and heavy for Biden all night.

Hey, is that up on that ledge?

Every American political generation learns one lesson the hard way: big crowds don’t mean shit.

I am not surprised Bernie would carry Colorado and Vermont. Those rugged independent types out in the wild. The Unibomber demo.

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