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someone asked me for a way to tip for something i made, i make photoshop, memes, dumb jokes and whining threads, if you ever feel so inclined you can tipto crypto: 3GxKN6f2pQvAg9PSgPJ3sXgUrjKdmkJgHL

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anyone that manages to get a security deposit back from a rental apartment is a cop

Reminder that the KSA is using American weapons to commit genocide in Yemen, and even if Iran attacked their oil facilities, KSA deserves to be stopped by any means necessary. America is enabling the genocide and now protecting it,in a region 6000 miles from its shores

playing some RUST with the bros, some raiding happening, come hang out! :D

Hrrrrnnggh, I'm trying to sneak around but I'm dummy thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps alerting the miners

congrats to Rob Schneider for managing to trend on twitter one more time before his death sometime in the future

WikiHow: How To Tell A Potential New Partner You Smoke Insane Amounts Of Weed

looking up an address for an old job for an application and stumbling into a detailed stop-by-stop driving history of your last half decade can be quite the fucking rabbit hole if you're trying to move past some shit, god damn. how you do me so dirty Google?

if you had a difficult patch in your life, say, 6 months to a year, and find memories of times/people/places trigger some anxiety and depressive thoughts definitely do yourself a favor and dig into your google account and clear every type of historical data you can

capital commodifies everything lady, even podcasts and patreons. the way through it isn't to deny the material reality of millions of people as lacking in philosophical rigor, it's to stand with them and keep pushing for structural change until the structure breaks

even the most elaborately crafted arguments for dismissing the "organizing for a better life of an oppressed group of people" seem like telling on yourself for some shit you live in turmoil with, but keep on griftin' I guess

revolutionary agitation is mental jiu jitsu, even if the status quo is doing a lot of hard work to box in 'anti-racism' and sap it of revolutionary potential, i know where in the scrum i'd rather be using my energy and insight (its uhhh with the oppressed minority people)

organizing especially dressed up in the language of histomat is doing some HEAVY fucking lifting for fascists, who are all too adept at plucking easy to digest plums from the theory tree to make their cases to anyone who will listen.

it's funny that that bad australian lady is so positive that "idpol" and "identitarianism" are 13 dimensional chess ploys by neoliberalism to capture revolutionary energy into an inert commodified structural easement of racism, but can't see how harsh critique of anti-racist

also he tried to tell me that the government murders people in Cuba who use the beaches lmao

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