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incredibly sad to mulligan this absolutely perfect chaingang hand

thinking about getting into arguing about abortion online

try something a little different for dessert this thanksgiving!

Quarter til 7 and I'm in bed on a Saturday, being 30 owns

"i hate the rich, but people with dyed hair are embarrassing to my edgy sensibilities, so I'll become a nazi I guess" ~ counter culture neo Strasserite chuds

i bet notch's ridiculous mansion has a fuck grotto attached to the pool. imagine notch swimmin' into the grotto, hand holding a flute of mountain dew above the surface of the water to jerk off cuz slinging loads in a grotto is something purported to happen at the playboy mansion

setting up a gofundme to hire a hitman to take out Todd Howard

i keep getting fartmogged by chads who eat kale and lean fishes, is there any type of nootropic brain compound i can take to make my farts smell like i have a more healthy diet? (currently subsisting primarily on gas station junk food and value meals from Carl's Jr)

gen-z will go hard fash and the resulting culture war is gonna be bananas

love to cling to my arrested development as a virtue, absolutely mad for being a stagnated pond of a human being who can't incorporate new cultural mores

twitter is an ideological toilet with the most foul turds in it

but having empathy takes like, way less energy and is way healthier than existing in a gloomy fortress of detached nihilism, sooooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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