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Nice to see Meltdown May roll right into June with breathless abandon

whatever happened to that "you're fired!" tv guy anyway

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the 2 genders: crawling through a vent all sneaky like, and punching through the dang wall

Every photo of bojo looks like his teeth are about to start dancing or some other monty python shit

watching cartoons from the 1920s on YouTube is better than Xanax

the Hot Chip cover of "Dancing In The Dark" where they outro with All My Friends is the most perfect that that has ever existed

chugging like 6 shots in a 50/50 cocktail rules because the sudden onset intoxication feels like you've just been shot with a tranq dart or something

thinking about joining in with the aum shinrikyo. they're due for a comeback and i don't want to look like a poseur joining later on

lmfao, even 2011 Deus Ex had more hope for Obama than he deserved

does anyone else feel personally aggrieved by the obligations of holiday

lotta people speculating in that they can all just walk off together with their carts of goods. y'all, you always could do that. welcome to the power of organized labor!

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