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awesome, we're swiftly moving into the "fake rape" era of the Death Of The American Experiment

hear me out for a second: Crispin Glover as Joker

it's funny how conservatives are worried how to tell their children about gay people or transgender people instead of how to tell their daughters they live in a patriarchal hell hole where nobody will believe them if they're raped and they may even be criticized or blamed for it

i tripped over an ethernet cable and landed hard on my knee and it still hurts a week later, being 30 years old blows, your body is out of warranty and falling apart

another page in the Rich Crazy White People Are Going To Kill Us All book

there were 5 mass shootings in the last 24 hours, the police are almost 100% militarized and we're starting up an ethnic cleansing, it's happening basically in real time and we're not doing anything about it lolololol

lol remember when a bunch of towns in Massachusetts exploded and we forgot about it a day later because America is rapidly regressing into a third world country with dilapidated infrastructure

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if you stare into the abyss

the abyss, it stares back at uwu

i feel like if Boston Dynamics got a shit load of capital from some shitty person like Elon Musk we could pull hard on the throttle and jam this timeline right into the Robocop universe

Ordering my pyramid architect to create areas of my tomb where my haters can be buried with me to hate me forever in the afterlife

Anna khachiyan parody account where you do one of her shitty warmed over left punching tweets but then add findom pay pig language at the end

We're past "late stage" capitalism when you're defunding cancer research to ramp up your ethnic cleansing program lmfao, this is bonus stage capitalism

Hyper specific memes that call out a tiny fraction of the population are my fucking jam

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