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the phrase "I'm living rent free in your head" has never been cool, it has never worked when said, i don't know why people keep trying it, it's a mirage, it has all the components of a cool line but it doesn't actually ever land

doom 2016 fucking rips, I didn't know how much I needed a nice dumb shooter

i can't imagine anyone not giving a fuck as much as Cocaine Mitch McConnell, untold levels of shrugging haters off

the shutdown will be the most successful aspect of Trump's presidency from the standpoint of capital and it's interest in usurping state entities

people are upset by these MAGA kids getting hollered at when taking shots at high school kids is an American pastime

me, getting @'ed by impotent racists after shitting on those high school nazis

i hate buying from the amazon marketplace and getting that pathetic follow up e-mail begging for a review

i literally don't see a distinction between MAGA hats and Klan hoods

who is outside my house scraeming "KAMALA HARRIS IS A COP"!? show yourself coward, i will never stop stanning for cops!!!

an old white man in his 50's is trying to tell me why he rates david gilmour as high as eric clapton and jimmy paige and i'm trying to think of a polite well to tell him that i couldn't possibly care about this subject unless you had a gun to my head

are women attracted to the Trailer Park Boys? i usually have a sense for this but there are too many variables

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