One thing I feel is a big contributor to burnout is being too focused on the "anti" aspect of left struggle. Being anti-capitalist, anti-racist, etc. Obviously, being those things is good, but defining yourself too heavily by being the antithesis of the status quo is an exhausting endeavor. Try to direct more energy to the post-capital restructuring, and anchor yourself on what you believe in as well. Universal access to material security, education, healthcare, etc. A better world is coming!

@shriekingmarxist This is such a nice idea. Being pro-people and their interests and rights is so much easier to get excited about than taking on a powerful monolith

@shriekingmarxist thank you. talking about what we *do* want is good for us, and also allows for others to see that lefty-ness isn't all doom and gloom and can be very hopeful

@shriekingmarxist too often I have to remind people this isn't the worst time ever. We used to accept poison. Now we're letting out the bile. Eventually we will be healthy.

@shriekingmarxist Being "pro" (and not snarky "pro") can be tough given how much negativity is out there but it's worth the effort.

@shriekingmarxist this reminds me, i don't understand all the leftist in-fighting (among true leftists, not the centrists). hearing tankies write off the DSA for being more socdem than communist, people abandoning Bernie or AOC because of their remarks about Israel. i get that these things matter and we should hold elected officials accountable but maybe focusing on being pro-single payer healthcare and making that a reality is a better use of time. i think people need to learn how to triage.

@shriekingmarxist certainly, i think it's about recognizing that this is hard and being pragmatic (not to be confused with the "giving up" centrist interpretation of this word) is important. people thought OWS was a failure but i disagree. there's were OWS talking points on the 2016 presidential debate stages and now they've made it even to Fox News. it's happening. it's just slower than we'd all like.

@shriekingmarxist a free global public transport system and no borders, doesn't that sound good?

@shriekingmarxist UNI👏🏽VERSAL👏🏽BASIC👏🏽INCOME👏🏽


👍 time for a drink of something home(co-op)brewed 🥃

@shriekingmarxist Interesting pov, not sure I agree completely. I think for me it was the will to ensure quality, not just for me but for the platform I worked for. Even with this changed outlook, once you become active you're gonna come across the same people, who have not yet changed their outlook or may not be dedicated on the same level as you are yet.

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