this is the most chilling thing I've ever fucking seen

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@shriekingmarxist this seems good and normal and, sure, who has a better head on their shoulders for making financial decisions than a toddler?

@shriekingmarxist American Academics: here's an idea, what if we convince 17yos to take on potentially several hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt?
Jeff Bezos: lol that's some weak shit. watch this.

@shriekingmarxist you sure this isn't an onion article? Sounds too crazy


The Daibutsu says no child should be treated as a commodity. Bezos has no soul.

That's not how Amazon works. The children will be the customer, the product and unpaid labor

To be fair, his leveraging Amazon internal mindset. The biggest guiding principle in Amazon is "customer focus". If the customer is having a bad experience, they won't use the product again. Almost every major decision is rooted in "What is the customer experience from x, y, z". It's why any customer service agent can yank any product from sale for independent review, etc.

It's weird he really doesn't seem to get how "inside baseball" certain phrasing is.

inb4 the teachers start putting tip jars on their desks.

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