people who sleep flat on their backs are cops

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@some_qualia @shriekingmarxist I can sleep on my back or seated or leaning in certain postures. I think that covers it.

@some_qualia @shriekingmarxist I have no idea how folks sleep on their sides or stomach. Side completely fucks my shoulders, hips, and knees all at the same time, and stomach is just insanely uncomfortable I have no clue how that works.

@_ampersand @shriekingmarxist Oh, I'm constantly moving in my sleep so it doesn't fuck my shit up, but I can't breathe on my back. So.

@some_qualia @shriekingmarxist

Bodies are fucking weird.

I get told I move a lot in my sleep, but this is hard for me to imagine cuz I sleep on couches and public transit pretty frequently, neither of which is conducive to rolling around. On my stomach I absolutely can't breath though, that one's right out.

@_ampersand @some_qualia @shriekingmarxist i usually go fetal but i've been known to do the full nosferatu, flat on my back with my hands on my chest

@shriekingmarxist further to your point, if they sleep with both arms above the covers, straight at their sides, with the covers pulled right up to their necks, they're cops in a Warner Bros. cartoon

@shriekingmarxist I figured out how to do this while my arm was broken and then kept it up for like five years but then started drowning in my own face in that position

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