ever wonder why your train is late in the mornings sometimes? well,

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#LB Le secret que la SNCF ne veut pas que vous perciez.

@shriekingmarxist Been literally riding the RhB and seeing the Bernina Express in real life today, took me a long while to realize it's a model!

@shriekingmarxist Why should that cause a delay? Train didn't slow down at all.


I can't tell if this is Macro or Micro, guess it depends on if you focus on the Cat or the train.

@shriekingmarxist well "giant cat on the line" would be more interesting than "leaves on the line" or the "wrong kind of snow" (even though the latter are both real problems for all they sound ridiculous

@Shutsumon @shriekingmarxist

Trains were cancelled last week because the track was icy overnight. And because of some brexiteer on the tracks. And because somebody tried to nick some signal cabling. I'm sure giant cats are coming to HS1 soon.

@Shutsumon @shriekingmarxist

These wankers disrupting traffic around Kent are just like a sneak preview of the hellscape they're bringing upon us

image description 

A model train about the size of a housecat slowly approaches a model railway bridge, inside which a black and white cat is warily sitting. The bridge is a "truss" bridge, meaning it's made of girders and forms a kind of stable box around the train and holding up the rails. Eventually the cat has to back out of this box because the train is coming. It jumps on top of the bridge as the model train goes inside it, and bats at it ineffectually through the girders

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