tryna get a job in 2019 dot jpg

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@shriekingmarxist oh god

the American job market seems like a nightmare, I keep seeing these utterly absurd hiring tests with shitty non-questions like that

@theoutrider @shriekingmarxist

These takes need to stop until I'm actually hired for wages again. How can I forget I'm a person with feelings long enough to get in when you all keep doing this?!

I answered 4/5 on a 5-point test where 3 is "no preference" and that failed me. Luckily the temp agency had my back and let me try again. I converted my 4's to 5's and 2's to 1's and that gave me a "perfect score" ... stupid personality tests...

I hated the job I got after that, of course it was the most corporate place ever with an IT nazi who instructed us that "the guest wifi is for guests. If you use it, you will be a guest and no longer an employee". The HR lady told us "we're all a family here, no need for a union, just come to me if you have anything you want to discuss"

@shriekingmarxist well this explains my awful experiences at Best Buy. Amazing.

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