@shriekingmarxist imagine thinking that being a drone operator that delivers treats to the scions of privilege is a fulfilling job

@shriekingmarxist something something a picutre of the mechanical turk with "THE NIGHTMARE BECOMES REALITY" scroll up / musical sting

@shriekingmarxist the good thing is that they'll be automating the labor away as soon as possible to cut costs

i hate when people say "robots are gonna take your job" yeah who cares about self checkout? nobody wanted to be a cashier or a warehouse or factory worker. we SHOULD automate the boring repetitive tasks. as long as everyone gets the benefits equally.

@sylveon @shriekingmarxist ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

@shriekingmarxist I live near Berkeley and now I really want to design some stickers I can slap on these little bastards. Like, a fake warning label that reads: ATTENTION: I AM BEING OPERATED BY AN EXPLOITED WORKER or something

image description 

an article "kiwibot, rolling robots that deliver burritos and smoothies [...] are actually operated by remote workers in Columbia who make 2$ an hour"

a scooby doo character unmasking a character named "A.I.", but when the mask is off it reveals "exploited developing world workers"

@shriekingmarxist sfchronicle.com/business/artic this sounded just cartoonishly evil but yeah it's real..also “It’s a really good value, cool and convenient,” he said. “You don’t have to run out right away (as with a human courier), it’s happy to wait until you come. And you don’t have to tip.” -Roland Saekow, who seems like a charming guy :000:

@shriekingmarxist it turns out the company itself is actually a colombian company and they're using bots because they can't afford US labor costs
that context really kinda changes a lot 🤔
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