it's wild how a global pandemic where people are ill and unable to provide their LABOR to the economy makes capital panic and shit its pants. it's almost as if all VALUE that ACTUALLY EXISTS is derived from LABOR, perhaps there's a THEORY ABOUT THIS...

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@shriekingmarxist <every single person on social media voice> It's the dang frickin boomers!!!!!!!!!!!

@rajagopal Pretty sure if you have a home and work from it you're if not a filthy capitalist a petit bourgeois collaborator and my man Bofa is trying to get the workes to unite and free them from their shackles but not trying to capitoexplain the central economic theories of marxism for him No Sah. @shriekingmarxist

@rajagopal I'm easy with that most I'll do is point at you with my eyes. But you know what the marxists are like. I hope you don't wear spectacles too because then you are clearly a counterrevolutionary intellectual and that's worse than being a running dog of the socialists @shriekingmarxist

@rajagopal I recall a throwaway line from Gabriel Garcia Marquez who argues you should ignore Marx's Das Capital and read Engels The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State but instead of passing that on to you I'm going to read it myself. TL:DR @shriekingmarxist

@shriekingmarxist no but you don't *understaaaaaaand* ; it's because in fact we all got it very *wrong*. You see, companies are in fact doing this because they actually very much deeply in their hearts of hearts of very nice companies really very very much *caaaaare*, about their workers, and not at all about the piles of money stolen from them

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you say this but as soon as coronavirus is over healthcare wil suddenly return to being a luxury

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