Very curious that the effective response to a global crisis is to stop all the shitty parts of capitalism as quickly as possible. Suspend rents, interest, loans, provide people with healthcare, and the ability to get food. The host body is in trouble and the parasite ceases

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@shriekingmarxist uhh yeah, I sure as hell would be doing something different if I wasn’t being paid to do it

@swansinflight @shriekingmarxist yes, you would be more productive and contribute to society in a way that's more aligned to your abilities and vocations

@romariorios @shriekingmarxist this is possible, of course. But we’ll never know in this current era.

@romariorios @shriekingmarxist because without conversation this is just screaming into the void, and making us think isn’t a bad thing? 🤔

@swansinflight @shriekingmarxist my point is:
- OP said nobody is going to stop laboring without a wage
- You said you'd be doing something different
- I said that's good because you still wouldn't stop
- Then you basically said: "We might never know *shrugs*"

If "we might never know", then why bring up this point? If you don't know, why use this as an argument against OP's point?

It's also just as possible that we stop doing anything worthwhile because there is no (financial) incentive anymore. Depends on the person I guess.
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@Hyolobrika @swansinflight @shriekingmarxist why do you think we'd stop doing anything worthwhile? Just because?

We do a lot of worthwhile stuff without any financial incentive already, imagine how much more we would do if we weren't forced to work for money

Some people do worthwhile things without financial incentive. Not everyone.
That's why I said it depends on the person.
@swansinflight @shriekingmarxist

@Hyolobrika @swansinflight @shriekingmarxist have you read Edouárd Siddon on how motivation works in human sociteites throughout history?

No but I want to now. What writing(s) are you referring to and where can I find them?
(Also, it seems that he has no Wikipedia article. How strange. All I could find on the web mentioning him were a few posts on r/Rationalthought)
@swansinflight @shriekingmarxist

@romariorios @Hyolobrika @swansinflight @shriekingmarxist

lol, this absolute doofus reported you for "sexual harassment."

imagine going through life and so thoroughly, so fundamentally not understanding shit as hard as this goober.

@jackdaw_ruiz @Hyolobrika @swansinflight @shriekingmarxist they're probably used to twitter where you can report anyone for the wildest bullshit, as long as there are a lot of reports

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