Big increase in fediverse users today... apparently largely from something happening with twitter users from #India.


Added this other app called Postbox to the mix today. Recommended by a friend

Clubs all notifications into 1-4 batches through the day - time slots you can pick. Calls (Regular and WhatsApp) are excluded. Hoping this helps even better!

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And I'm down from the average ~150-160 unlocks in a day to 110 yesterday.

Wondering if this is going to be a sustainable change!

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Installed this app called 'Unlock Clock' that makes my phone wallpaper into a live counter of the number of times I have unlocked my phone in a day.

Nee aala vetta thaan aruva thukkuva. Naan maanga vetradhukum, maraththa vetradhukum, thenga vetradhukum, thenna vetradhukum, veragu vetradhukum, vengaayam vetradhukum, elani vetradhukum, nongu vetradhukum, paala vetradhukum, aala vetradhukum aruvaa thukkina kai daa.
Unaku aruva thooka than theriyum. Enaku seiyyave theriyum!


Suggestion to folks signing on mastodon. Try and set up your bio and display pic. Try and use the same you had on Twitter. Will be easier for us to connect. Please RT (retoot 😁)


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