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so me and the boys here think you've been too horny on main

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I put makeup on, did my hair, took five selfies and now I'm lying in bed bc I don't have anything to do today :blobpeek:

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HELLO I'm sarah (28) I like tech nostalgia, video games, sci fi & Star trek shitposting, my cat, drawing stuff, and never using my mouse if I can help it!!

ok so haven't fully migrated yet or even decided which instance is home but find me here:

@shrugs knzk for a really small instance of friendly people, todon if you want a more strongly moderated experience is I guess how it seems to me?

spending the evening trying to draw my favourite picture of myself. SO DETERMINED, wee shrugs! 😍

foster care, memories 

Sitting on a park bench with a can of cream soda thinking bout when I was in foster care & lived with a family in Nairn who let us have lucky charms and cream soda every day for breakfast

bikes, God I love bikes 

Just bought a new bike from a friend and am excited because I got an absolute bargain (she bought it new 6 months ago) but stressed as hell because it has gears and I have been riding fixies only for the last 6 years???

I started to write a toot and for the first time thought "that's too personal"???? what's wrong with me

Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that's why I have panic attacks on company time

there are two people clipping their fingernails on the train?? like what the fuck come ON

I’ve wanted to find more mediums of self expression. For the past few months I’ve been painting, embroidering and hand making silk flowers and mint leaf beetles to recreate storybook scenes from my early life.

It’s the morning crew, clocking in to variously say ‘what???’ or indulgently ignore the meme du jour we missed

I don't want to go home 

what will I do without my grandparents driving me to a river every day

it’s Cool and Good that I will automatically open a cw’d post labelled “Kirby’s Hog”

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