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@vimoh it's also our lack of vetting of things and everyone who is elderly has to be deferred to and his/her wisdom taken as the divine word. And no culture of cross checking handed down biases. This goes across all cultures and religions.

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"When the powerful and favor seekers don't want to be seen as having it easy while the masses suffer. It's an image thing, which surely will become an image trap"

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On the day of a verdict that needs us all to be more and more tied together within a common humanity a poem I wrote off the cuff:

Prayer for Light

Let's all be safe anchors where
Hearts can dock
Let's come around and protect
That spark
That lights up the cut corners
And be an end to end sunrise
Even if for a while we assume
It's difficult to be right
Given the circumstances of the
Let's huddle up close upright!

Shujaat Mirza

The official list of Mastodon apps is updated! Additions:

Mastonaut for Mac
Mast for Mac
Cuckoo+ for Web

Furthermore, @JPEG's Mast for iOS is now free!

Why does the year 1857 ring a bell? Because it also marks the First War of Independence (named the Great Mutiny by the British), when Hindus and Muslims heroically united and almost defeated the British. In other words, even as Hindus and Muslims joined hands in the battlefield to oust the British, the latter found it convenient to stoke a potential religious conflict in Ayodhya.

A lesser-known narrative of Ayodhya from 1857 — and the dispute | The Indian Express

In 2014, after Modi had made a big show of kneeling before Parliament, he rammed money bills and ordinances through the House, and showed what he thought of consultative policy by springing demonetisation on us. So, when in 2019, he made a big show of bowing before the Constitution, my blood ran cold. His attention appears to be the kiss of death.

Ask what Modi can do to you | Deccan Herald

Pinterest and The Knot have announced that they will no longer promote southern plantations as wedding venues on their platforms


The German Constitutional Court directly went for a Level-4 scrutiny to hold EVMs to be unconstitutional as far back as in last decade. There is no reason why we must not press for a Level - 4 Guarantee from ECI.

The gov's claims of 'normalcy' in Kashmir take a hit when the state of the educational institutions in Valley is reviewed. Classrooms that were once populated by students are now serving as a shelter for hundreds of the paramilitary troopers, who were stationed in Kashmir following the abrogation of Article 370 on 5 August.

So there has been a course correction and the omission has been corrected....
Great work....

"We rode in silence for a while. I suggested that maybe it was time for her to leave India—that Muslims didn’t have a future there. But Ayyub was going through a notebook. “I’m not leaving,” she said. “I have to stay. I’m going to write all this down and tell everyone what happened."

Blood and Soil in Narendra Modi’s India | The New Yorker

Jash-e-Rekhta whitewashes an entire language riding on whose back it has come this far.
Urdu is an officially recognised Indian language. Why is it shying away from saying so after all these years.
Hope it clears the air soon.

Those who say what difference non bjp govt makes in maharashtra. It does. The less brutal a majority the lesser chances of fiddling with the constitution. The extra-constitutional body whose leaders wouldn't be taken seriously if they didn't have power has assumed a strong grip. Their next target is removing reservations, once they sell off govt companies to their cronies.

@KayKap True this is one of the reasons why I veered into a strong women community based App.

Didn't want it to become another tool by which they could monitor their spouse or sisters.

There is a chance that they curtail the precious little freedom when a girl faces an harassment. Due to which women don't complain. A stronger women community could help.
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