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A nazm in Hindustani by me as a tribute to


ये बहोत आगे तलक चले गए
अब पीछे जाना नामुमकिन है
दिन में सूरज के साथी रातों
तारे तले जगमग
इन्हे मंज़ूर नहीं ये आइन
परवाज़ है इनकी शाहीन
हिफाज़त है मुल्क की इनके
हौसले भी बुलंद हैं, खुद पर भी
तिलमिलाते तिलिस्म हैं, आफताबे-हयात
रद्दोबदल के कोई नहीं अब इमकानात
ज़िंदा है ज़िंदा रहेगा शाहीनबाग

शुजात मिर्ज़ा

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@vimoh it's also our lack of vetting of things and everyone who is elderly has to be deferred to and his/her wisdom taken as the divine word. And no culture of cross checking handed down biases. This goes across all cultures and religions.

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"When the powerful and favor seekers don't want to be seen as having it easy while the masses suffer. It's an image thing, which surely will become an image trap"

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On the day of a verdict that needs us all to be more and more tied together within a common humanity a poem I wrote off the cuff:

Prayer for Light

Let's all be safe anchors where
Hearts can dock
Let's come around and protect
That spark
That lights up the cut corners
And be an end to end sunrise
Even if for a while we assume
It's difficult to be right
Given the circumstances of the
Let's huddle up close upright!

Shujaat Mirza

Importance of Republic Day:

On December 1929, 45th Session of Indian National Congress was held under the leadership of Pt Nehru on the eastern bank of the river Ravi(Lahore) and voted for Purna Swaraj or Complete independence as opposed to a dominion status for India(+)

Rohit Vemula's mother hoisted the Indian Flag at Shaheen Bagh today

Happy 🇮🇳

Lexiter-internationalists seem to have missed this bit.
"Old Gods, New Enigmas" - Mike Davis.

This quote redeems me .....

Sashastra Seema Bal doesn't have enough to pay the salaries of January and February, so it cuts down on the allowances, including children education allowance for 2 months.

‘No one ever makes a billion dollars. You take a billion dollars.’ — @AOC pulled no punches when discussing income inequality, capitalism, and the ultra wealthy’s grip on power in the U.S.


When Modi was CM & Shah was home minister of Gujarat in 2002, RW Hindutva mobs entered Muslim homes, burnt alive Muslilm men&kids, raped Muslim women, took out foetuses & burnt them alive.

It is in the nature of EVIL to assumes others are EVIL & use it as a tool to spread fear.

"I will shove that child you are sitting with, right where it came from".

Lucknow Addl DCP Vikas Chandra Tripathi
To a woman protestor with her child, rotten from top to bottom

ViaRajiv Tyagi

RT The of India has effectively given a license to the majority community to be involved in pogroms & genocide against minorities and that murderers will be rehabilitated and rewarded with jobs, never mind victims /their families who have lost everything.😡 SHAME!!!

Sold-out Show

The women of Shaheenbagh are sold-out
Sold-out to an Idea of India
That includes
That celebrates
That doesn't hyperventilate
Doesn't spread discord
Doesn't cavil
Resolutely out there
In complete consonance
With our common ideals,
Our shared vigil.

Out of 32 candidates selected for Indian Economics Services (2019), 18 are from JNU.

Davinder Singh in an interview to Parvaiz Bukhari: "I did interrogate and torture [Afzal Guru] at my camp for several days. And we never recorded his arrest in the books anywhere. That was the procedure those days and we did pour petrol in his arse and gave him electric shocks."

We should start greeting one another with as a mark of our struggle to save our constitutional values. What say?

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