I'm glad to announce to you a bot for posting to .
Just add to your roster and follow instructions.

Now it is beta version, but it can:
- post
- display notifications
- display home timeline
- subscribe to

Any questions you can post here with tag

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@shura hello sir. It's not fully clear what to send next:

or just

Thanks for advice.

@shura ok, I've used common sense and put in full:

But on the next step I get following error from the Mastodon website:

Client authentication failed due to unknown client, no client authentication included, or unsupported authentication method.

How to fix it, please?

@shura it seems this auth method doesn't work on mobile browsers. Is it intended only for computer initial activation? 🤔 Can you check, please?

@vanyok just checked. You are right, it does not work now. Probably it caused by recent mastodon server update. I'll take this

@vanyok done. You can register now.
P.S. Bot is not usable in 'conversations' due last one does not support html-im

@shura thank you!
...let's try... in ChatSecure...

@shura yes, authorisation works now. But when I send a token to the bot nothing happens. Tried two times with no success. Any other ideas how to move on, please?

@shura also any new app has not appeared as registered in the web interface preferences section of Mastodon.

@shura same thing. After I send token nothing happens. No response at all.

@shura @vanyok ну слава богу. На работу попаду только послезавтра, так что круглосуточная работа бота раньше не восстановится. Надо будет там всё перезапустить. А пока будет жить на моём домашнем компе

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