Yay! Today I've published the second pre-alpha-yet-full-of-bugs release of the #squawk #xmpp messenger! Now you can upload files there, using HTTP files upload XEP, see avatars (just in roster yet), see vcards and even publish your own!
Yet it's not fully tested, it hasn't even been launched with gnome-like DEs or not breeze #qt themes, or on other distributions of GNU/Linux
As usual there is a package in #AUR for #archlinux users, there is the project site with updated build instructions, there is a bug tracker there if you wish to report a bug or request a feature or even offer your help as a developer/designer/translator/tester/maintainer

P.S. @Vitaliy Astakhov @LNJ 🇪🇺🌍️⏳️ I hope, you don't mind me attaching your VCards to the screenshot, those are just the most complete from what I have


@inhosin @lnj @blue a single question. Why not Psi+?

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@Shura Why what? Why I didn't write psi+ as a sunday project? Don't even know what to answer. Why don't I use it? Because it was ugly as heck last time i tried with those terrible volume imitation bars and unboring bundled icons totally ignoring my system style

@shura @blue I mean why didn;t you participate psi+ team to make it better. Ok, at least now we have one more xmpp client. Thank you.

@Shura Well, I just wasn't confident enough in my programming skills when I started. But now, be honest Kaidan messenger team already invited me to work with them, so, I'll probably going to pause a bit my project
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