Chaos at Euston isnty helped by blank screens on the concourse

Two notifications for TV entertainment. Which one is best value (granted the former is quarterly)?

Talking to The Boy about my first job at back in 2003 and the first project was to create a website for the arson task force.

Googling it found the original logo but no website.

My legacy lives on (even though I'm ashamed of my design skills at the time).

I assume is enjoying his leaving drinks with & Co still.

A comprehensive list of 84 cognitive biases you could exploit to design better digital (or physical) products

I'm not sure my muted Twitter words apply to my "personalised" trends suggestions… 🤔

With Prime Day temptation, I've taken the plunge with my first e-reader before the hols. As much as I prefer paperbacks, this is more eco-friendly and convenient.

I'm trying something to make Twitter less depressing to use. You can set yours here:

Off to's for an afternoon of good food, drink and shenanigans. Now, where's my beer hat?

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