Another day in the life of an engineer, this time Tanda K - an Associate Software Engineer from our Grad programme now working on our Product API service

Local pot-holes are getting worse. Thankful for spare (and nearby hero) but dead battery from hazards didn't help either

The app is feeling a bit more festive today

Not looked at Tweetbot all day then checked mentions. The joys of a short username.

Good luck to with her latest venture, Know Your Team – an evolution of her product focused on leadership in teams, something I'm personally keen to improve on

Sitting next to a City Suit watching Elf on his mobile, propped up against his laptop screen of spreadsheets. I love how this time of year brings out the inner child of everyone.

Mrs J picked up a side table from a charity shop which had a newspaper from 1955 inside

Experimenting with brain-computer interfaces using JavaScript from Imagine the possibilities…

I do like the new visual language for Office icons - a natural evolution of the established logos and colour schemes plus a bold move to bring things forward.

I'm all for beautiful design where possible but these computer chips from Pentagram are highly unlikely to be seen by many people

Make a website like it's 1990 with this delightful NES.css framework

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