Still think Gantt charts are good? Try plugging this in to your Trello boards

Two shit-shows in a row on my Twitter timeline, one slightly more obvious than the other. + ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩

Having played this dice game a few times at, I'm a big fan of how it relates to software testing. Love the puntastic blog title too!

As has come tradition, I won't be able to attend this Thursday's Does anyone want my ticket? I can reassign but can't seem to cancel.

Quite a cool little addition in iOS 12 to remind you of birthdays. I could do with something earlier though for sourcing a gift and card.

Looks like the spam bots have now got wind of Mastodon. Maybe seen as a sign of success?

Suspicious looking security-breach email from ⁦⁩ with images for text and links going to

@pcperini what's the little Tusk badge over your avatar? Is that meant to support other badges going forward?

Our "QA Goldilocks" AJ Wilson on using Sizzy to test responsive websites across multiple devices simultaneously

Slack is now valued at $7.1bn after raising another $427m investment - proof it's a serious player in tech. What are the odds of IPO in the next year?

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