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Si Jobling

@aral Was your interview recorded? I'd love to see what you said.

@TrentWalton I've found mobile interfaces more user friendly. Maybe it's worth investigating an alternative theme on a different instance?

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TIL about MaaStodon: "Mastodon instance hosting for everyone, from 3€/month"

Very cool!

Which instances are you on? I need some ideas.

Are people cross-posting to Twitter whilst trying to improve awareness? I'd like to make this my primary point of entry but conscious of engagement.

Getting some hashtags in my profile description to aid discovery of like-minded people. Is this a thing or are there better ways?

@Gargron Excellent idea! I'd love to share something like this with my networks to emphasise the importance of Mastodon despite how complex it might seem. Maybe elaborate a bit more about decentralisation using the email metaphor, emphasising the importance of it being built on standard established protocols the Internet was originally created with?

@sil it was built in to Tootdon as I posted a new toot so tried it out. Looks like aniGIFs are supported after all.

Time to champion Mastodon to the masses yet again. Say hello if you're new.

@jessepayne, found any cool people on here yet?

@jessepayne tomorrow's second objective: setup new iPhone. Guess which app will be installed first…

@jessepayne Yes you are. However, I'm too tired to play out late tonight so let's have a look tomorrow.

@nolan good to know. Definitely check that out.

Seeing as Mastodon allows for niche communities, is there an appetite for a web-based instance?

Just been talking about Mastodon on with Simon Hamp. Worthy of a milestone "toot".

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The ability to self-host Mastodon instances combined with the new proliferation of city-based TLDs enables "local microblogging", eg. I wonder if it would catch on...

With Twitter’s endless contentious decisions of late (certain megalomaniacs such as Trump and Weinsten to name a few), isn’t it about time we invest a bit more effort into alternatives like Mastodon? It obviously needs press/celebrity buy-in but I expect an exodus is around the corner.

@inmysocks, oh I appreciate it's a gargantuan task, especially in today's demanding market. I admire @Gargron's motivation – just wondering how to raise awareness for other third party devs to get involved.

This seriously needs some sort of an app for convenience - that's how Twitter rolled out to the masses so well with endless integrations and third party solutions.

I've noticed a few more users have joined and I like @sil's gentle reminders but it still feels like another This needs some serious USP and UX love to draw people away from the all-powerful Twitter.