Killing Eve is brilliant. Dark, twisted, humorous and excellent cast. Glad it's already been commissioned for a second series - Comer has a big career ahead too.

Two shit-shows in a row on my Twitter timeline, one slightly more obvious than the other. + ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩

Today has mostly been fuelled by's ridiculously delicious lemon cake. You can't have just one slice, eh

Team member: Were you drinking last night?
Me: What makes you say that?
TM: Your voice goes down a few octaves.

Dammit! I’m rumbled.

Delayed trains to London means no time for a morning gym session before work. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

It's taken too long but new mix is now recorded full of house belters from the Summer. Plan to release it Friday for some weekend tuneage. 🎛🎧

More NSFW content popping up in my Twitter notifications - another reason why I love Mastodon.

I don’t seem to be able to upgrade to iOS 12 directly on my iPhone. Anyone else seeing it happy on 11.4.1?

Having played this dice game a few times at, I'm a big fan of how it relates to software testing. Love the puntastic blog title too!

When your work password expires on the same day as your annual review, it doesn’t do great things for anxiety.

@vandereer Very inspiring! I'll take a leaf out of your book for the next challenge, see how creative I can get with some original materials, determination and a kick-ass welding gun.

@vandereer I thought I might. I wish I was clever enough to make something like that.

@vandereer Thanks! In fairness, it was just an Amazon purchase but I had to customise the fitting to get it parallel with our central oak beam.

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Earlier this year, I started working on an idea that would make node_modules go away and, apart from making things fast, would change the very nature of package managers.

The project was announced today!

That said, please direct qs and such elsewhere cause I'm still on vacay.

Blimey! Slack are now TV advertising. Is that a bad sign though?

Now the screen is working, it seems the battery has decided to flake out on me instead, dying unexpectedly. Maybe it is time for a new Watch after all. Apple must have some scheming background processes in place.

I'm so glad the screen on my Series 1 Watch has started working again. No need to indulge.

The one day I take off my iPhone screen protector to replace it and I drop it - cracking the screen. FFS!

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