Snooker is so relaxing yet exciting to watch, one of the few sports that keep adrenaline at a steady low pace. Even with O’Sullivan playing too.

Moved over to a Linode instance after suffering on a shared server for far too many years. Time to get blogging again as well - plenty ideas that just need writing.

Great (paraphrased) quote from Gary Barlow on Desert Island Discs through his difficult years:

“The worst thing was design by committee; when everyone’s happy, no-one’s happy.”

This can ring so true for many of us.

Looks like cross-posting multiple images from Instagtam to Twitter only teases with the first image. Surely that could be fixed?

Mrs J picked up a side table from a charity shop which had a newspaper from 1955 inside

We were talking about content security policies in a meeting earlier, Googled a few things and fell upon an article by old friend

Experimenting with brain-computer interfaces using JavaScript from Imagine the possibilities…

Shoeboxes as laptop stand as I refuse to get a crick in my neck on

I do like the new visual language for Office icons - a natural evolution of the established logos and colour schemes plus a bold move to bring things forward.

I'm all for beautiful design where possible but these computer chips from Pentagram are highly unlikely to be seen by many people

I answered Radio 4′s puzzle of the day (by MENSA!) In seconds. Does that make me clever?

Make a website like it's 1990 with this delightful NES.css framework

Making the most of a voucher for the festive season. It may arrive by next weekend but it WILL be saved for Christmas! 🍷

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