So excited to share this with y'all. Some results of a long term project slowly coming through.

At this very young organisation that i run - Veditum - we've initiated a fellowship - - to get young Indians to walk along our rivers to document the rivers and life around it.

These are notes from our first fellowship. Observations on wild birds made by @anupa while walking along River Betwa.

Please read, boost & share your feedback.

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@sidagarwal @anupa This is nice. Maybe one day have to plan something similar.

@sidagarwal Will do so. I stay 1o min walk from the sea and 10 min walk from the river and have never thought about going upstream. @anupa

@ashwin_baindur yes. Bird lists happened because we had a specialist in @anupa. But we’re mapping other info also - ecological and other kinds.

@sidagarwal for future reference you need to add the https:// for mastodon to auto link it

@sidagarwal Hey this project looks exciting! I've followed river trajectory histories in India and I'd love to contribute to this somehow

@madeline_ that sounds great. Can you send me an email at ? We’ll take it from there. :)

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