@thufie If you’d like to know more or need more information on this, I still have left to give all that I know. But I myself don’t believe in me that I can do this justice.

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Caste, Religion, Racism 

@thufie caste has permeated outside of India & into the US & other countries where Hindus especially upper caste ones have migrated to. The tech industry is suffering from caste discrimination because most posts are held by upper caste people like how most posts are held by whites in the tech industry. The most people who migrated to other countries are almost always upper caste Hindus because like how whites have more money they’ve more money.

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Caste, Religion 

@thufie use the burial grounds to bury the dead who is considered of lower caste. Same with the Christians too. In Hinduism the lower caste people aren’t at all allowed to enter the temple ie the name of place of worship like how a church is.

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Caste, Religion, Gross 

@thufie There’s a hierarchy of this, the bottom most people in this hierarchy are found to be doing manual scavenging ie cleaning human shit with their bare hands, having to jump into the sewer system without anything else other than their clothing which might be filled with human shit to clear the clogging, etc... this is extended to other religions like some upper caste muslims have their own burial grounds & mosques where no lower caste Muslim is allowed to enter or

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Caste, Racism, Religion 

@thufie this is related to the religion Hinduism & in India other religions also fall prey to caste which including but not limited to Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Jainism, etc. which I know for sure have fallen prey to the concept of caste in India but they also might be present in the neighboring countries of India. The concept is very similar to racism, how whites are the superior race, similarly Brahmin are the superior caste in Hinduism, & all others are below them.

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Hey @thufie I’m sorry I don’t yet know git, I’d like to recommend a change in the CNPL & by extension NPL. An addition of the word β€œcaste” after the word β€œreligion” because it doesn’t fall under religion & needs to be mentioned explicitly. I might be able to explain the concept briefly but I don’t believe I can do it justice. It’s in the section 4. Restricted > g. > viii.


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