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Anyone know about websites, making them accessible, nice, look good, non-JavaScript, privacy respecting etc. I need the knowledge which will be applicable to wix unfortunately but I still want the webbed site to be as good as possible 😈

@thufie plus most of the people who actually make that game hardly see any money anyway most of the time. Especially with AAAs.

supporting creators and piracy are not mutually exclusive, don't fall for easily discredited MPAA rhetoric :ms_pirate_flag: #pirate

i know it's a case of a million monkeys with a million typewriters but the meme machine is putting out some fire images ngl

Autism poll, object personification 

Currently finding more things about myself, specifically a possibly undiagnosed case of autism; so I'd like to ask this poll.

Autistic people only, please. #ADHD folk with suspicions of having autism may also participate.

Do you have plushies, and if you do, do you feel emotionally attached to them?

#autism #poll

It is sleeping time for this snake. Please be good to each other and let empathy and good faith, not vitriol and cruelty, be your watchwords. πŸ’œ

Does anyone know if SciresM has a Mastodon account?

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@jk if _not_ being on Spotify works better for you than being on it, you should not feel pressured to be on Spotify. You’re not on a label (as far as I can tell), you don’t have to work to recoup an advance, you don’t owe anyone anything. You probably are not making a living from your art, but you are completely totally free to choose how you want people to receive your art.

Sometimes I wonder how I would handle this, if I had, like, talent. I think I’d do Bandcamp or gtfo.

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@jk Absolutely, although it’s unclear to me if piracy ever really harmed artists to begin with

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@jk if anything piracy is more on the side of the cultural importance and meaningfulness of individual music pieces.

Pirates are carefully selecting and curating their collections and valuing it exactly like you used to do with your cd or vinyl collection. Not just because it has a monetary value but because of the time you put in to make something for yourself.

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@jk I know I personally don't value the music I listen to as much as I used to. I do appreciate the ability to discover new music that streaming options provides though. I don't use Spotify. I used YouTube Music.

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@jk because their free tier is so ubiquitous and because they have certain restrictions for it like not being able to choose individual songs it really encourages this background blur thing.
Otherwise it's like all other streaming platforms, Bad

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@jk yeah spotification is legitimately extremely bad imo. I'm sort of aware that people feel like they 'have to' release stuff there since it's where the users are I guess, but at the same time you don't actually get paid (anything measurable)? just seems like a not-great idea to release there imo

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here is the report - consider that this is on top of car stereos being much louder, and often being the one space that a young adult can listen to music at some volume - I have to mute mine when approaching busy roundabouts/junctions or when the A14 is full of lorries (and if I'm listening to old skool rave or heavy rock have to watch my right foot or its easy to end up over the speed limit)

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