ok! I think I'm gonna start using meemu.org as my primary instance now! I've held onto both this and my mastosoc account because I wasn't sure whether it would ultimately be better to use a big popular instance or a small intimate one.

now that the culture of mastodon has coalesced a bit (and my excellent buddy @catgoat has kept this instance running for over a year) the choice seems pretty clear! if you're following @sig, please follow me here too or instead!

*slaps Walt Whitman* This bad boy can contain so many multitudes

the bird website, ????? 

I just got a "So-and-so liked a Tweet from someone you've never even heard of" in my *actual notifications*

the tweet does not mention me in any way

what the fuck

some stress, it's about a good thing but still, heck 

to recap, finding this internship is part of my Finnish class so I can practice speaking irl while getting a little work experience, it can be anywhere but schools are helpful and usually pretty easy to get

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some stress, it's about a good thing but still, heck 

oh geez oh fuck

got a reply to that email I sent to my tiny town's primary school asking for a 2-week internship, saying they forwarded it to the town's education director

so now I'm waiting for a reply from them, geez, frick,

@Joonas: *gasp* two of them...!
me: *about to delete and redraft this tweet*
@Joonas: *slapping hands on the bed* TWO! OF! THEM!

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She wanted lay down snuggles, not chair lap snuggles. I'm the fool I guess.

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#introductions baybee 

periodic #introduction post, part ???

I'm Micah! I'm a 30 year old software engineer, and the admin on meemu.org. I'm nonbinary/transmasc, so please use they/them pronouns. I've also got a #fursona, a cat satyr!

I cook, watch #starTrek way too much, and have been known to enjoy an #anime. Occasionally, I swing a kettle bell or two. I'm terrifyingly clumsy. A disaster combo for sure.

Introduction post for a weff ++ 

I’m Ryan! I’m a queer polyam leftist and I’ve been spending my time working as a therapist towards my real ass license. Which has been a lot of time and energy.

I’m getting married to @MillennialDog in October?? Like, gay married??? He’s a very good and thoughtful and supportive boy to have in my life.

When I have time I play a lot of piano and sing, it’s my biggest passion.

I also contribute to the podcast Barking Points Memo with Ace, Axel and Junius.


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