Why are web site visitors from Apple iOS (Safari) requesting /apple-touch-icon.png (in 4 renderings) - even if those files are not linked anywhere on the site or indexed by any crawlers?

After months of searching in the deep web you finally found the website that can make dreams come true for a price— Yours was to never be kissed by anyone ever again.

Do politicians nurture the anticipation of public embarrassment more or less than the rest of society?

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11,7% of WordPress installations are now updated to the latest version, 5.2

But more than half are still on pre-5.x installations. PHP & MySQL are even worse, especially from a security point of view.

Fun fact, a whooping 1/200 of all WP installations are in the Danish!

Just a small splinter at the tip of my thumb is enough to fill my morning chores with

"It would be a full-time job to protect your [own] privacy in a notice and consent model"

I do love the Danish weather. Stormy, thunder, rain and then sun - and that's just this past hour...

"Sund kost, jogging i parken og et aktivt sexliv holder mig vågen. Nu ved I, hvordan min nabo lever." /Dennis Jürgensen

is an upcoming free open event organising platform, which will federate through ActivityPub (so it will work on the Fediverse).

It's not ready yet, but you can find out more, including a development timetable, on the official website:


You can follow the official account at:


The source code is at:


It's being developed by free software advocates @Framasoft , who make and lots of other cool stuff

Berlingskes påskevikar er ikke stærk i skriftlig formidling...

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@ij hi Ingo I can't get on nerdculture.de, are there problems on that instance or is it just in my end?

Måske hvis du havde nogen penge, du ikke var så nærig!

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