So busy irl that I barely have any time to be Online now,even the bird site @geordie what happened now

@Gargron best case: some other social network collapsed and refugees are flooding in
worst case: 4chan raid

I've been so busy, hardly had any time to post!!! hell yeah, micro-transactions

It's amazing how much Apple does not give a shit about third-party developer ecosystem. Not even a passing acknowledgement of any of the biggest open-source developer tools, let alone any attempt at interoperability.

@jaystephens I've probably eaten like a kilo of strawberries in the past week

Some personal news: I have just eaten an apple and it did not have a needle in it.

@Posty so I'm not really dragging Linus here, but rather people ignoring/defending bad behaviour. See also: Elon Musk fan club.

@Posty I mean, yes, it is… it's just that the news dredged up the extensive history of people's defence or admiration of his past behaviour, which some are still surprised by.

If you are surprised by many people giving Linus a pass, just recall that FOSS nerds defended Hans Reiser until he literally confessed to murder and led the police to the body.

Americans are asleep, post pictures of Australian wildlife

Tiny brain: JSON config
Big brain: YAML config
Giant brain: HCL config
Galactic brain: hardcoding all values so you don't need a config

@geordie @rpy I should probably also stop ignoring this little "⚠️ Service Battery" warning that's been nagging me for a year or so…

My MBP battery is so bad now that my laptop just shut down at around 60% battery after opening Xcode for a short while.

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