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Switched from Chrome to Safari, see what it will do to my battery life. as in if they are boosted? what does it technically mean to be silenced? I can see your toots

My offical position on rocket on pizza: it's an abomination that does not belong in a civil society.

@rpy @BernieTB there are always posts about how youtubers are getting review units before him

people who invented Microsoft Office should be at the Hague

It's a beautiful day outside and I'm working from home, and it's supposed to be good

…but I'm editing a deliverables listing of a contract and getting repeatedly angry at how extremely badly written it is.

I’ve made a mistake of reading /r/bitcoin, specifically their understanding of property and money, and now I’m irrationally angry again.

Americans are asleep, post pictures of Australian wildlife

@daedalus I wanted real fresh parsley but now I have just two bunches of fucking coriander

Who the fuck invented coriander and parsley to look like the same fucking thing?

@NewtonMark I haven't made it past the bio yet, I'm stunned

Finance / economy 

@geordie cannot wait to read the posts by people with huge mortgages crying for banks to be nationalised

I have an itch again to write an operating system, but I just know that I will write a bootloader and a few string functions before losing interest and moving on.

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