It's inspiring to hear about new techniques to defeat mass surveillance. Surveillance systems should watch K-pop dance moves, not your every …

Signal experienced a brief service degradation that lasted for about thirty minutes. Some users may have experienced delays as capacity recovered, but hopefully you were busy barbecuing and didn't notice because you were six feet away from your phone (and other people).

The research paper for the Signal Private Group System is now available in the IACR ePrint Archive: 

Stickers are here: …

New beta releases of Signal are rolling out now. They include the first two default sticker packs, and you can start sending them right away. Artists can also use the Signal Desktop beta to upload custom

Technology Preview for secure value recovery …

Plaintext databases have never been our style. We've been working on new techniques to enhance and expand capabilities for private cloud storage.

The sticker creator in Signal Desktop is only available to beta testers, but over 1,500 new sticker packs have been uploaded in less than 6 days. Thanks for helping us .

On Christmas Eve, sites always pop up that claim to show you where Santa is going. But we believe in Secret Santa, and there are no trackers in Signal. Happy Holidays!

1. Set the disappearing message timer in any conversation to one minute.
2. Turn off autocorrect.
3. Wait until 11:59 p.m.
3. Send a message with multiple typos.
4. Watch your final msitakes of 2019 vanish at the stroke of midnight.

Happy New Year!

Send individual photos and videos that get removed from a conversation thread after they have been viewed.

People should be able to take 1 picture at their 2nd cousin's 3rd wedding and send it to 4 people without taking up space on 5 phones 

The new storage management feature in Signal Android makes it easy to identify which files and conversations are taking up too much space. As 2020 begins, we hope this helps you leave the past behind to make room for the future. …

The latest update for Signal iOS now automatically follows your system theme settings on iOS 13, but you can still manually choose between eternal light and permanent darkness in the Appearance menu if you refuse to be a part of the system.

A belated Happy Data Privacy Day! We didn't notice because every day is Data Privacy Day at Signal.

Send a in a heartbeat. Reactions are a quick way to share your take on any message, and you can try them today in the latest Signal beta.

5,000+ sticker packs have been created on Signal in less than two months. Today we officially add two more.

Swoon's work has been featured in museums and hidden spaces around the world. Now you can display it in the gallery of your own conversations too. …

Life is an endlessly cascading wave of discovery. Many people are born. Some of them later discover Signal Desktop and learn that it now includes comprehensive support for a wide variety of keyboard

We're aware of the connectivity issues that some users are experiencing, and we're working hard to restore service as quickly as possible.

Things should be returning to normal. We appreciate your patience as we added more capacity.

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