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Sigrid Ellis

I am not going to finish my Ravellinic Winter Games 2018 socks by closing ceremonies this evening, and I am unreasonably put out about this. Life just got in the way.

One sock done for the Ravellenic Winter Games!

the NBC commenter just said this is the middle weekend of the Olympics and omg I have so much knitting to do.

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I am so proud of my son. Today, as his LARP's Storyteller, he secretly lowered the power level of the antagonist (who he was playing) so that his players would be able to defeat him and thus have a good time.

What a great, thoughtful, considerate GM!

The Merino/Yak/Nylon lace-weight sock yarn for my upcoming Minnesota State Fair entry arrived today from The Netherlands, and IT IS GORGEOUS.

Working on my Ravellenic Winter Games 2018 socks.

.... Where on earth did my sock-circs go???

I am learning a new-to-me heel turn on these socks, in addition to the toe cast-on I learned.

Why did I decide on fingering-weight yarn, size 0 needles, and knee-high socks????

... I just ran the rough math on how many inches of sock I need to knit each day to finish the 2018 Ravellenic Winters Games, and, oh my goodness.

ANYWAY. I entered the 2018 Ravellenic Winter Games!

AH-HA. I figured out how to make projects visible to everyone on Ravelry!!! I think folks can see the ones I made public now!

Homemade olive oil quick bread and Italian-style lentil soup for dinner. Yum.

I was just washing my hair and pondering hairstyles on Vikings, as you do, and I was irritated the show doesn't spend more time showing folks doing the elaborate hairstyles while having drama, and then I remembered that the hair is all done by the crew and that these are actors.

Y'all, I just learned what the RMS Carpathia did to save the passengers from the Titanic, and I am verklempt.

Recently finished objects:

The Beeswax Hat:

The Blue Wave Hat (for my mom):

I neeeeever knit colorwork, blerg, but the Blue Wave hat came out nicely! After I had to frog the colorwork section and reknit it.