I finished my MN State Fair entry socks.

That box they are on is labeled "KNITTING MOST NEEDED"

I'm really pleased with the success of my insane crossover of #goldwork and #trapunto. There is an immense satisfaction in seeing what was in "the inward eye" take form in reality. #embroidery #fiberarts #DreamsOfAmarna #AkhenatenEmbroidery

You are allowed to do stuff just because you want to.

Even if it uses up all your spoons/matches.

Even if it leaves your exhausted and broken the next day.

Even if you need to let other stuff slide a bit while you recover.

You are allowed to have fun, to go out, to take a day once in a while and do what you want with it.

Being #disabled, or #chronicallyill, or a #parent, etc doesn't mean you can't take time for you.

(I needed to hear this today, so I figured other folks might too.)

Test knit of the Gordes pattern, so far. The final sock will be single-color.

Okay. Now that I am past the very tedious Cuff section, the Main Chart is actually going well.

Dear knitting pattern desgners:

I would genuinely love for charts to have the row number on both the left and right sides of the chart. When I am reading across to the end of a complicated row, it would really help. Thank you.

OKAY. Trying Hunter Hammersen's Gordes sock pattern from Silk Road Socks. This has solidified my suspicion that I enjoy left-cross cables and find right-cross cables tedious.

Reading this to look for a state-fair-winning sock pattern to knit.

I've spent two weeks knitting the first three inches of this one pattern. Not, I think, because it is too hard, but because I just dislike it intensely.

I think I need to give up on this pattern and try my next candidate.

So, I am working on my Mn State Fair knitting entry. (I got 5th place last year in texture-work/hat andI was THRILLED.) I was thinking some texture-work socks. (Socks and mittens/gloves are where the tough competitors enter.) So I am test-knitting various complicated sock patterns this spring, in order to determine what pattern I want to knit in my merino/yak sock yarn.

Not talking much about knitting on here recently because our house remodel starts on Monday and we are packing EVERYTHING.

The house remodel begins in March 19th. The kitchen will be demolished first.

Yesterday: Took down most of the art.

Today: Cleaned space in the garage for a wood pallet. Packed a number of books. Packed two bags of books for donation. Moved dog food to living room.

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