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This is the worst so far...

Fake X button that does the same with I Accept, dark patterns from hell, and you have to scroll down more than 4 screens to find a camouglaged Opt Out button.

This one truly belongs to the #GDPRHallOfShame

It intrigues me that, the bigger the Dutch city is, the better people are at English, but the bigger the French city is, the worse they are at it

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I think my favorite thing about mastodon is it does feel a lot like how The Internet™ was like 10 years ago whenever I'm here. Not sure why.

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I just happened to be at the door as the mail-deliverer butterfly-kissed the front door with calloused knuckles.
I signed for the package eagerly, only to find, as the van screeched away, that it was not in fact addressed to me.
I grumbled, and crossed the street, stepping through a lawn in desperate need of mowing.
I knocked and the door creaked open. I could see the tv was on, mutely educating the couch about a new kind of dipping sauce.

The cheapest 2TB SSD in Dutch stores dropped under €400 recently!

In comparison, 2TB 2,5" 7200 RPM drives begin at about €300. 5400 RPM ones begin at about €75, but let's not talk about those.

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"Truly secure systems don't require trust." Amen. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. To achieve secured systems trust has to be "baked in" with the assumption that all other components can't be compromised by an individual or any other aspect of the system.

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If open video codecs don't succeed, streaming video costs could skyrocket. This post imagines how a monopoly on video could create a dystopian future where only the wealthy can watch videos on the web. tweeted by @MozDevNet

Sure, because I haven't done a proper post yet:

Hi fediverse, I'm Sijmen. I am a computer science student. I like programming, the odd video game and complaining about stuff.

I never really cared for Twitter, but Mastodon seems like a lot more fun!

Contrex must be the grossest bottled water I ever tasted. It tastes and smells like what balloons smell like. Even chlorinated tap water tastes considerably better.


(also, that's not an hour. I clicked "Wait an hour" 5 minutes ago. 14:20 + 1 hour != 14:39)

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@sijmen One could say it's...
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■
super fishy.

Lenovo, it's not like you have a particularly good track record concerning security...

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T+0s Beautiful weather, no cloud in sight
T+10s Strong winds pick up, temperature plummets
T+30s Rain starts pouring down with no warning
T+40s Thunder roars

The weather here is... special

After about 5 years of stubbornness, I have to admit:

Using an IDE for C++ is pretty good.

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