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sikkdays 🎳

It's and there's so much I want to say on the subject.
As a society we avoid things that make us uncomfortable. We evade discussions of terminal illness, death and even emotions as if we would somehow be afflicted by association. It sounds as ridiculous as stepping on a crack would break your mother's back. Talking about & won't kill you. In fact, not talking could kill you or someone you love. Hold each other up, today, tomorrow, & each day.

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@sikkdays i dont know anyone else apart from me thats super open about talking about anything.

death, life, health, mental shit etc.

but most dont want to hear others thoughts, most just want something out of people.

@sikkdays This is wy we are here, in a social space... to take every topic as it deserves to be taked up. And this is my consorne as citidon.